Videos Of Ariana Grande On Broadway Prove That She's Totally Ready To Take On 'Hairspray Live'

It is absolutely no secret that Ariana Grande was straight-up #blessed with golden vocal chords. Like, let's put it this way: The girl could sing the phonebook and I'd be jamming out to it on the radio with my windows down for the world to hear. But, just because someone can sing and do it well, doesn't mean they're prepared to take on songs of the musical theater variety. In this instance, though, the singer and actress totally is: There are videos of Ariana Grande on Broadway to prove that she's more than ready to take on a role in Hairspray Live.

If you haven't yet heard, Just Jared relays that Grande was cast as Penny Pingleton in the show that will debut in December. And, as one does when they're super pumped for getting role of a lifetime, the Scream Queens star tweeted about it, while also smartly highlighting her musical theater credentials. She said in a series of tweets,

So... I AM NOWWW A CHECKERBOARD CHICK #HairsprayLive #Penny... Penny has been a dream role since Hairspray opened on Broadway. At 9, I was (and still am) in LOVE w @KerryButlerNyc. Hope to make u proud... anyway... I’m so honored and beyond excited to be a part of this dream cast...... I will for sure pass out at the table read. #HairsprayLive.

No one is going to question if she's right for the role after seeing the videos from Grande's musical theater roles, below. That's for sure. Check them out and build up the anticipation for Hairspray:

1. Little Baby Ariana Grande In Annie, Killin' It

Please take note of her signing autographs on fellow children's arms.

2. Slightly Older Ariana In 13

Even amongst all those talented actors, she still stands out.

3. Belting Out Ballads Like It's Nothing


4. Stretching Her Play Acting Muscles As Snow White

It's different than TV acting, but she can clearly execute both.

5. OK, This One Isn't On Broadway, But It Still Totally Counts

So impressed.

6. Broadway Sessions Slaying

*Standing ovation*

So, yeah, Grande has this on lock. No worries.