11 Clothing Items To Never Put In The Dryer

by Emily McClure

When it comes to doing our laundry, not all fabrics are created equal. While some can last through anything, others can wilt under the pressure. In fact, there are several items of clothing that you should never put in the dryer if you want them to keep their shape and form. These certain items are typically made of either fragile or luxurious materials that aren't meant to withstand such high heat or rapid motion. While the twisting and turning can stretch and bend certain styles, the heat also can weaken the structure of the garment. Honestly, the dryer is a dangerous place for many of your favorite fashion staples.

If you're wondering whether or not an item of clothing can be put into the dryer, be sure to check the tag. Typically, clothing companies tend to print washing instructions on the tag in order to help consumers get the most wear time out of the item. One thing to note is that the phrase "dry clean only" isn't merely a suggestion. If you want that piece of clothing to stay looking sharp, let the professionals take care of it. Trust them, they know what they are doing. Wondering which fabrics and items can't take the heat? Here are 11 things that you should never put in the dryer.

1. Bras

One of the quickest ways to shorten the life of a bra is by throwing it in the dryer. The machine's rough motion can cause the bra's fabric to stretch and lose its original form.

2. Chiffon

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According to the National Cleaners Association, chiffon is a fabric that is definitely dry-clean only. Leave cleaning this material to the professionals in order to avoid ruining your favorite chiffon pieces.

3. Tights


Good Housekeeping warns against throwing tights in the dryer. Not only will they become a tangled mess, but the heat from the machine can also cause the tights to shrink.

4. Fake Leather

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Fake leather aka "pleather" isn't always suited for the dryer. The garment could end up melting in the heat, so be sure to read the tag before adding it to your laundry.

5. Bathing Suits

The material of a bathing suit is made to withstand the twist and turns of a dryer. Help keep your bathing suit's true form and fit by letting the garment air dry.

6. Suede

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Let's get real – suede shouldn't be anywhere near washing machine or a dryer. The two machines can actually end up ruining the color, texture, and feel of the fabric, according to

7. Running Shoes


If your shoes are meant for athletic purposes, then Good Housekeeping recommends to keep them away from the dryer. Apparently the heat can cause the shrink the rubber in the shoe causing them to be less supportive to you feet.

8. Lace

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There is no denying that lace is an absolutely beautiful fabric, however, if you continuously dry your favorite lace pieces than they may lose their form over time.

9. Silk

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Silk is a luxurious fabric that should definitely be handled with care. According to the laundry experts at Tide, clothing made of silk should always dry on flat surface.

10. Velvet


In order to keep your velvet pieces feeling soft and looking their best, ditch the dryer when drying your clothes. Simply lay flat on a table, and let it air dry naturally for the best results.

11. Rayon

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Rayon is a fabric that is notorious for shrinking in the dryer. Keep your clothing true to size by laying out your clothing made of rayon on a flat surface to dry.

Keep your laundry mistakes to a minimum by knowing exactly which clothing items can and cannot go in the dryer.

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