9 Things That Make It Look Like You Showered (When You Didn't)

I love sleep. It's one of my top three favorite things in the world (along with travel and food). But sometimes, I really don't have enough time to hop into the shower before taking on the day. Thankfully, there are so many refreshing products that make you look like you showered (when you definitely didn't).

While traveling in Cambodia, my guest house actually ran out of water. There wasn't any water left in the entire place. It was a nightmare, but I made sure to pack a few products that make it look like you showered to help me out in this situation. Unfortunately, I had already ran out of dry shampoo (which would be the obvious option to look fresh if you can't shower), so I had to get a bit more creative.

I ended up using a bunch of products to look and feel fresher: wiping myself down with baby wipes, then applying a deliciously scented body lotion (be careful not to do this where there are a lot of mosquitos present — my mistake). I sprayed my hair with perfume and threw on a headband. I proceeded to meet my friends at dinner where they asked me how I was able to shower (because apparently the whole island was out of water). Isn't it amazing how a few refreshing products can make you look as clean as you do after you shower?

1. Use Baby Wipes To Clean Away Sweat & Dirt Build Up

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, $11, Amazon

The best way to feel clean if you can't shower is to wash your body with one or two baby wipes. I prefer to use a scented wipe, an this one's fragrance is made from cucumber extracts. They're also great if you just spent the day in the sun, as they are full of aloe to soothe skin.

2. Mask Odors & Nourish Dry Skin Using Citrus Scented Lotion

The Lotion Company 24-Hour Skin Therapy Lotion, $15, Amazon

Reach for a bold scented lotion to instantly make yourself smell better. A tropical scent is great because it isn't as subtle as a floral one may be, and this one promises its results will last for 24 hours. The lotion comes in a Kiwi Mango scent, and it's great for relieving dry, itchy, or sunburned skin. If Kiwi Mango isn't your thing, you can choose from one of their 11 other scents, too.

3. Mask Odors Your Hair Absorbed With Hair Fragrance Spray

Hair Fragrance in Just Peachy, $9, Amazon

I think the worst part about not being able to shower is the way your hair can smell. Hair always seems to absorb scents faster than other parts of the body, and no one wants to get a whiff of something strange every time they move their head (one time my hair smelled like a hot dog stand in NYC for two days — terrible). A hair fragrance spray freshens your hair, blocks odors, and leaves a delicious fragrance behind. This one comes in a variety of fresh scents and won't weigh hair down, either!

4. Cover Greasy Roots With A Cute Headband

4 Pack Elastic Flower Printed Headbands , $11, Amazon

I travel with headbands because once I run out of dry shampoo, I usually can't find it abroad. If I'm rocking second or third-day hair, I'll slide a headband over my greasy roots, and it's as if they disappeared. This headband actually stays in place longer because of my dirty hair, too. Sometimes, adjusting your hairstyle is all it takes!

5. Baby Powder Absorbs Oily Any Sheen

Talc Free Baby Powder, $14, Amazon

If you feel a little shiny sprinkle baby powder all over your body. It will absorb any oil that may have formed since your last shower and leave you feeling refreshed and smelling clean. This one is made with organic Arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, and Rosemary extract, so it won't irritate you and it smells wonderful. It's really great for feet and shoes, especially, bas it eliminates odors caused by moisture.

6. Use A Body Brush To Buff Away Dry Skin Build-Up

100% Natural Dry Body Brush & Face Brush Set, $20, Amazon

If you have a considerable build-up of dead skin (but you don't have time to hop into the shower to exfoliate), use a dry brush, instead. They improve circulation and exfoliate skin, and the natural boar bristles are likely stronger than your average body scrub. This brush comes with an extended handle perfect for hard-to-reach places, in addition to one for your face.

7. Use Citrus Scents (Like Grapefruit), If You Want To Mask Body Odor

Marc Jacobs Daisy by Marc Jacobs, $51, Amazon

A really easy trick if you miss a shower is to douse your body in perfume. It may smell a bit overwhelming at first, but the smell will fade over time (but that doesn't mean put on the whole bottle — a few spritzes will do). I look for a scent that has hints of citrus fruits like grapefruit, as they give off a sharp butfresh aroma.

8. To Remove Hair Without Dry Shaving, Try An Epilator

Philips Satinelle Epilator, $29, Amazon

Dry shaving can leave you with razor burn and skin irritation. If you didn't take a shower but want to shave your legs without water, a good option is an epilator. It removes hair from the root without the need for shaving cream or water. It does hurt the first few times, but you can choose between two different speeds, if you need to get used to it. You'll be left with smooth skin without the cuts or irritation a razor can leave behind.

9. Don't Allow Old Makeup To Build Up In Pores

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, $18, Amazon

If you have crusty old mascara or streaky eyeliner around your eyes that's left over from the night before, your face may not look or feel as clean. Eye makeup remover will make your face appear more freshc. Look for one that is fragrance-, color- and alcohol-free, so that your face or eyes aren't irritated after use. This one even removes waterproof mascara that usually doesn't budge, leaving you with a bright and clean-feeling face.

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