At Paris Fashion Week, These Fashion Editors Are The Stars of the Front Row

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They sit front row at all the best Paris Fashion Week shows, looking unbelievably chic in their high-fashion wares while scrutinizing each look that comes down the runway. And no, we’re not talking about Paris regulars like Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and Olivia Palermo. We’re talking about the ladies who go behind the scenes in the world of fashion to decide which designs to wear and share with their readers: the fashion editors. Though they may not create the media frenzy that A-list celebrities do when taking their rightful place on the front row, you better believe that their fashion is both on point and, many times, ahead of the curve. Here, we’ve rounded up seven fashion editors whose sense of style is just as impressive — if not more so — than many of the fashion-forward celebrities sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week.

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