Amber Rose Should Become A Comedian

Some joyful news for those looking for a new comedian to obsess over: We may have one thanks to none other than Amber Rose. Case-in-point: Amber Rose's new talk show, The Amber Rose Show, dropped on VH1 Friday night, and, even based off just the first episode, I'm feeling like it suggests that its host, Rose, could have an extremely fruitful career in standup comedy. The show's lighthearted tone came because it was pre-recorded before the difficult events of this week, something the host acknowledged on her Instagram account. The show came about in thanks to Rose appearing on the show The Doctors, and Doctor Phil advising her that she should have her own TV show.

She recalls how Doctor Phil "was just like, 'Wow, one, the camera loves you, and two, you're very passionate about everything that you're into and you speak about.' One thing led to another and he was like, 'You should have your own show.'" Well thank goodness for Doctor Phil, because Rose's one-liners were fire. She wasn't afraid to make fun of herself or the way the media presents her. In one of the most memorable sections she described herself as a "virgin" before clarifying. "I'm so excited to have my own show!" she said. "Yes, so you guys can get to know the real me. And, actually, people don't know this about me but I'm actually a virgin. Just kidding! I'm a ho."

After waxing lyrical about how "cute" Tom Hiddleston's "I <3 T.S" top was, she made an appeal to Taylor to invite her to her next Fourth of July party, saying, "Can I please come next year to your party? Please? And Taylor, as long as you know that my plus-one won't be Kanye, then we'll be straight." But this hilarity shouldn't come as a surprise to us. Because obviously, obviously, this isn't the first time Amber Rose has shown the world she's funny. Let's review.

1. She Celebrated Women Celebrating Their Bodies On "Walk Of No Shame!" For Funny Or Die

Rose pre-empted the smart, sex positive tone her show takes with this short. Probably the funniest she gets is when she satirizes the way the media tries to pigeonhole her and makes us look a lot dumber than those snippety column inches about her. In "Walk Of No Shame!," Rose is loud and proud about the fact that she had casual sex last night and yes, she enjoyed it very much, thank you. Only, in this parallel universe, the world's on her side. Milkmen, builders, and chess-playing pensioners all chime in that, well, "I think we can all agree: having sex is fun!"

2. She Joined Comedy Queen Amy Schumer In "Milk Milk Lemonade"

Again, as in her show, Rose isn't afraid to mix sexy with a side of self-deprecation. This music video satire of contemporary pop music's preoccupation with your posterior is pretty wonderful, paying homage to songs like Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass." She proves she's not too concerned about her rep to get vulgar, delivering lines like, "You say you don't like asses because I fart and break your glasses" with a straight face.

3. She Also Made A Memorable Cameo In This Inside Amy Schumer Sketch

The above illustrates the same appeal Rose demonstrates in her show — she's not afraid of making herself look silly (which, let's face it, is the foundation of comedy, right?). No wonder she's just recorded another sketch with Schumer.

That face, those lines and that back catalogue? Let's face it, maybe Amber Rose should start plotting her trajectory to the top of the comedy pile. If this is just her first show, imagine how overwhelmingly good she'll be with a Letterman-level of shows under her belt.