Police Officer Reportedly Shot In Randolph County

by Chris Tognotti

According to WIAT, the City of Heflin Police Department has confirmed that at least one police officer was shot in the midst of a hostage situation in Randolph County, Alabama on Saturday afternoon. Details are scant at the moment, but according to the outlet, the police officer was responding to a suspect holed up in a building with a hostage when they were struck by a bullet. The officer has reportedly been airlifted to Birmingham for medical care, but there aren't yet any reports as to their identity or condition.

UPDATE: According to ABC 33/40, officials have said that the hostage situation has ended. They said the suspect has been killed, while the hostage, his wife, is alive. The wounded deputy is reportedly expected to recover.

According to Craig Lucie of WSBTV, the injured officer is a deputy who was shot in the midst of a SWAT standoff.

While the details of this incident in Alabama are not yet clear, this officer's shooting comes hot on the heels of a dangerous couple of days for members of law enforcement. On Thursday, a deadly shooting at an otherwise peaceful anti-police brutality protest left five officers dead and seven more injured, an attack Dallas police chief David Brown attributed to anti-police sentiments on the part of the sniper.

On Friday, another officer was shot during a traffic stop in Ballwin, Missouri and is reportedly in critical condition, while a freeway shooter in Tennessee was also alleged to have targeted the police.

There hasn't been any suggestion that the situation in Randolph County was an instance of targeting police for acts of violence, however ― what exactly sparked the situation is still unknown.

According to ABC 33/40, the local ABC affiliate for Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Anniston, officials have stated that the hostage situation is now over, with the suspect having been slain and the hostage having been freed. The hostage is reportedly the wife of the slain suspect, which would corroborate some initial reports that the standoff and shooting stemmed from a domestic incident.

While there had been little to no information on the nature of the deputy's medical condition, there's now at least one encouraging report ― according to William Thornton of, they're expected to recover.

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