These 11 Easy Braid Styles Are Perfect For Summer

by Jessica Thomas

Although there's something amazing about relaxed beachy waves during the summer, let's be real here — wearing your hair down when it's 90 degrees outside is not exactly the most pleasant thing in the world. And although I always have a hair tie on hand to throw my hair into a quick ponytail or messy bun, there's also something nice about wearing your hair up in a style that actually looks done. And that's where these 11 summer hairstyles featuring easy braids you can do yourself come in. They're easy, fast and will help you get out the door in style (and cool) every day this summer.

From a simple side braid to a cute boho fishtail style, I think braids are the fastest way to take your hair from simple to chic. They're basically the only hairstyle that can get your hair completely off your face and stay that way, and for people like me who can't stand having hair in their face when they're hot, this is key. Even if your hair is short, long, curly, straight or somewhere in-between, there's a braid out there that can help you look great all summer long. Here are 11 of the best.

1. Voluminous Side Braid

This simple side braid has tons of volume and only takes two minutes.

2. DIY Crown Braid

I've been trying to convince myself to try a crown braid for months, and this tutorial has convinced me I can do it.

3. Short Hair Braids

These two simple styles are perfect braids for if your hair is short.

4. Easy Waterfall Braid

I love the look of waterfall braids, and they're surprisingly easy. This one is perfect for when you just want to wear your hair half-back.

5. Soft Lace Braid

This soft lace braid is surprisingly easy to do, and it looks way more time-consuming than it actually is.

6. 5-Minute Crown Braid

Less than five minutes to get this adorable style? Sign me up.

7. Split Twist Braid

This side braid style is a step up from the normal simple three-strand braid, and it looks way harder than it is.

8. Goddess Braid

This crown braid is another DIY, and who wouldn't love that it makes them feel like a goddess?

9. Easy Waterfall Braid

This easy waterfall braid is different than ones I've seen before, and I love that it connects in the back and the style wraps around your head.

10. Dutch Braids

The perfect style for when you want your hair completely off your neck, dutch braids are the trendy pick right now.

11. Crown Braid For Short Hair

If you love the look of crown braids but have short hair, this tutorial is perfect for you.

Image: YouTube