"Pizza Feminism" Tumblr Tops Their Slices With Awesome Quotes From Your Feminist Heroes

Nowadays, the term "feminist" is becoming more and more relatable. With the introduction of "Pizza Feminism," I think it's safe to declare us all feminists. Cleverly taking famous feminist activist quotes and remixing them a la pizza, the Tumblr blog is nothing but "a slice of feminist fun."

Just imagine: images of steamy, delicious pizza topped with thinly cut pepperoni or fresh chunks of tomato. Now add a seriously awesome quote by Audre Lorde. Your two favorite things in one place! What more could you want? While each quote is taken word for word, the word "pizza" often replaces "rights," or other standout words, to give the saying a hilarious twist. For reference sake, however, the original quote is included under the photo as well.

Tumblr users are welcome to submit their own "pizza-ist" quotes and photos to the blog and are also encouraged to send feedback to the owners, which they may post to the website. While the page is relatively new, and only four pages long, a new pizza post is cooked up almost daily to keep viewers' appetites satisfied.

So whether Susan B. Anthony is your absolute idol or you just enjoy a delectable slice of pizza, consider yourself entertained with "Pizza Feminism." Feminism never looked so good.

Images: Pizza Feminism/Tumblr