These Fake Eyelashes Are Glue-Free

by Katharine McEntee

While falsies have many a perk — aka longer, fuller lashes — they also have a few downfalls; the most obvious being application. But alas, the hassle is no more, as One Two Cosmetics has revolutionized the false lash industry with magnetic fake eyelashes. Yep, you read that right: Your days of applying messy adhesive to achieve lashes of great lengths are a thing of the past.

According to Popsugar, One Two Cosmetics' One Two Lash products consist of two magnetic strip falsies (one for below your existing lashes and one for above). When clamped together, the two falsies deliver natural-looking full and fluttery lashes.

The kits of note are $69 each and come in four different styles for your choosing — original, bold, accent, and filler. Each kit comes in a sleek black box with a long and short lash pair. Unlike most falsies, One Two Lashes are reusable, which I think justifies their higher price point. And, since these falsies are magnetic, you don’t have to worry about late-night fall-out either. Instead, your lashes will stay put until you want to take them out. In which case, you can lightly rub the magnets to release their hold, and voilà: No messy makeup remover necessary. Just like the company's Instagram profile says, One Two Lash is "No Mess. No Glue. All Glam!"

One Two Lashes, $69, One Two Cosmetics

While I have yet to try the One Two Lash kit myself, the lucky editors at Allure have taken the magnetic lashes for a whirl; and from what I read, they seem to like them. A lot. Allure reported, "The One Two lashes felt like any standard glue-on set and looked impressively subtle — as subtle as false lashes can."

While the application process for magnetic lashes might take some practice, it certainly seems easier and a lot less messy than the standard falsies I am accustomed to. No glue definitely simplifies the falsie application process. Fluttery, flawless lashes sans the mess? Now that's something I can get on board with.

One Two Cosmetics' founder Katy Sorta, real-estate developer turned beauty aficionado, is the genius behind magnetic falsies. She explained the inspiration behind her genius lash kits on the company's site: “For years, I was constantly looking for a simple way to get great lashes. I never found it. It was always so hard and time consuming. So one day, yes this is a shower story, I was in the shower and it came to me.”

Ultimately, Sorta came up with "an effortless way to get amazing eyelashes without the time, expense, or mess." If magnetic lashes mean no more eyelash extensions or trips to the store to stock up on falsies, then count me in.

One Two Lashes, $69, One Two Cosmetics

If you have ever lost a faux lash or two or spent hours trying to achieve the perfect flutter, chances are you are on board with One Two Lash's magnetic fringe. With that said, One Two Lash's kits are available for pre-order now on the site, and will start shipping come August.

Here's to never using eyelash glue again, and to fuller, longer lashes in just minutes.

Images: onetwolash/Instagram