EuroCup 2016 Final Memes & Jokes For The Win

by Stephanie Casella

Congratulations to Portugal in their victory at the 2016 UEFA European Championship final against France, with a score of 1-0. After about a month of serious competition, Euro 2016 is sadly over, though it certainly is not the last the world will see of these soccer stars. Most of these players play for professional clubs year round, but come together to play for their respective nations each time the Euros rear its competitive head from the depths of the continent. Of course, as accompanies any other major public event, Euro 2016 final memes and jokes (especially about moths) are in abundance.

Not so surprisingly, Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo was the subject of some sore jokes related to his early removal from the game — just 25 minutes in — due to an injury from a collision with French midfielder Dimitri Payet. It was not the first time the world has seen Ronaldo make a dramatic exit, though it appeared that he attempted to play on despite the pain he felt from the strike, which happened in the 17th minute of the game. He was only out for three minutes, however, which spurred some images throughout the Twitterverse — especially since, at one point, he started crying in pain.

But then, just when it looked like the game might go on for days, Portuguese forward Eder scored in the 109th minute. Seems Ronaldo had the last laugh, after all.

Even for those who love the sport, soccer can require some patience. Yet, this final game was particularly entertaining, especially as the entire Stade de France in Paris was invaded — and I use this word colloquially (or maybe I don't!) — by a vast swarm of moths. Thousands of moths swarmed the pitch prior to kick-off, which forced both players and spectators to duck for cover. This made the warm-up a bit challenging for both teams, but the show did go on — just not without some memes to commemorate the occasion.

So who was the real victor in this game? Was it Cristiano Ronaldo, given his joyful lifting of the Henri Delaunay Cup, or is it actually the newly-prominent moth overlords?

I think we all know the official answer, but just I'm going to play it safe and call this year's Euro final a tie.