John Oliver Takes On His YouTube Haters, Hilariously Defending 'Last Week Tonight'


Sorry, folks, John Oliver is not back yet. He's still on a short summer break, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until the next episode on July 24 to get the sarcastic, British humor you need. Last Week Tonight posted a YouTube-only update to keep you satisfied — and, ironically, it's filled with folks who are probably never contented... at least not by Mr. Oliver.

Entitled "Fan Mail Vol. 2," it's the second, now periodic, compilation of some of the greatest YouTube comments the show has ever seen — or, as Oliver called them, "the most cogent written argument for never learning how to read." (He may have a point, there. Even scientists argue that anonymous online commenters suffer from all sorts of issues.)

Before jumping into the thoughts of his online haters, though, Oliver acknowledged the clip is a web-only version and won't be aired like his normal episodes on HBO. "Here, I'm on YouTube, like I'm about to give the least anticipated makeup tutorial of all kind," he said. "I'm sorry, but now is not the time I share my patented contouring technique, which I call John-touring. It's about blending, it's about blends. It's about blending the makeup... is what I think it is about."

But regardless of Oliver's makeup job — or eyebrows, that's coming later — you'll find the thoughts of viewers truly mean yet hilarious. The comments, Oliver argues, are the 21st century version of fan mail. "Of course no one sent me actual mail, because I'm not currently fighting in the Revolutionary War — or as they call it where I'm from, the War of 'Well, we've still got Canada. We've still got Canada,'" Oliver said. Poor Brits.

LastWeekTonight on YouTube

Oliver broke down some of the best haterade since the last time he ventured into these waters:

Another biter:

But not all of them were good insults, at least according to Oliver, who said these "badly missed the mark":

The same goes for this one:

Which brings us back to the eyebrows. They're surprisingly contentious:

But perhaps the most upsetting — at least for us fans — was the last one he shared. A viewer wrote, "John Oliver, I bet you $1 zillion that you won't feature this comment in a video." Well, Oliver totally did, calling the commenter out: "Touché, anonymous YouTube user, pay up! Pay up!" That means that Oliver will only be back July 24 if he can find a place to "dock [his] new yacht!" So fingers crossed there's space on the Manhattan waterfront!

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