Nicole Richie's Hair is Really Purple Now

Oh, Nicole Richie. How you keep us on the edges of our seats with your new hair styles and colors. In the latest installment of her most recent hair saga, Richie revealed a real lavender-hued do at the Oscar parties over the weekend.

Richie's hubby Joel Madden was the first to share the photo on Instagram, with the caption, "My girl." So sweet. In the photo, Richie stares off, wearing a long white gown and a fur stole, showing off her new purple hair pulled tightly back in a low bun.

We're still not sure why Richie decided to pull a fast one on us last week, tricking us with a Photoshopped pic of a faux-purple hairdo. However, an Instagram from her friend Kelly Osbourne may have revealed why she thought to go purple in the first place.

Osbourne shared a photo of her and Richie with matching colored hair, with a caption that read, "Guess took the bet & dyed there hair MY color." Osbourne is one of the originators of the pastel-colored hair trend, and we can only assume that she was the person who influenced Richie's recent hair change the most.

This lavender hair might be a temporary thing, like her silver hair at last year's Met Gala, but we're hoping to see at least a few more looks from a purple-headed Richie.