How To Laugh More Every Day

by Isadora Baum, CHC

With all the seriousness that life brings, it can be hard to brush away anxieties and make time for laughter and fun. Between work and relationship stresses, as well as potential sleep deprivation, deregulated hunger patterns and other pressures, we can often feel weighed down and unable to focus on the little, happy mood-boosters and silly moments that can make us feel lighter and care-free.

As a certified health coach, I often work with my clients on making time for silly, happy moments and letting themselves relax. Self-care exercises and habits can better our quality of life and prevent us from getting sucked into negativity and cycles of anxiety. It's easy to forget to laugh when other matters appear so serious, and for the majority of us, we are constantly challenged with life tasks and important decisions. To help balance out the seriousness of it all, we must inject bouts of laughter and smiles into our days in order to lighten the mood and give our minds and bodies a chance to unwind, or even let loose. So, no matter how difficult your day might be or how busy you are with appointments and errands, make sure to save time for a simple giggle that can do wonders for overall health and wellbeing long-term. Here are eleven ways to start laughing more during the day.

1. Laugh Loud & Proud

I love to share this sentiment with clients. If you feel embarrassed to laugh, it will strip you of the fun, silly nature of it and make you feel uncomfortable, shy or guilty when around others. Instead, embrace your life for what it is and let it run wild! If you snort when you laugh, who cares? Think about the snort in a positive manner, as it makes you who you are and it emphasizes just how funny the moment is and how happy and relaxed you are.

2. Hit Up YouTube

YouTube is a terrific hub for all things funny. Browse for a topic that you find silly and fun. For instance, if you love old reruns of I Love Lucy, search for clips. Or, if you have a thing for silly babies or jumping cats, search for those terms and see what you stumble upon. You can also go to different comedians' channels and watch clips religiously. I personally love watching Jimmy Fallon clips, especially the lip sync battles!

3. Share Stories From The Past

Experts suggest that reminiscing over funny stories from the past can bring both playfulness and fun to any situation and can instantly boost our moods and make us feel more connected to our social network. Remember that one time in high school that you and your best friend wore wigs and matching outfits around your neighborhood? Or, how about when your best friend sat on a painted bench by accident? These reminders can make us feel silly and childlike.

4. Watch Your Favorite TV Show

Sometimes staying in to Netflix and chill is the best option, and it can be relaxing and a treat to sit down with a bowl of popcorn (or whatever your favorite snack tends to be!), and get a few great laughs in over your preferred comedy of choice. Whether you are watching with friends or by yourself, give yourself that time to feel lighthearted and stress-free.

5. Surround Yourself With Funny People

We are heavily influenced by the people we surround ourselves with, and so by hanging out with funny people, we can inject more laughter into our days. That positive and silly energy will instantly rub off on us and it can cause us to want to feel happier and sillier throughout our days. Having a break from the seriousness of life can make us healthier long-term, and these benefits are more likely to be received if we allow ourselves the opportunities to laugh.

6. Learn To Laugh At Yourself

I always try and help my clients accept their actions, mishaps, silliness and "essences" for what they are and to not worry as much about how they appear or the consequences. Learning to poke fun at yourself makes room for positivity and laughter and it decreases any stress or resentment about personal characteristics. Next time something funny happens at your expense, go with it and make a joke!

7. Find The Humor In A Serious Matter

Experts recommend changing your perspective when faced with a serious, challenging matter. If you can switch to a positive perspective and find humor in more serious issues, then you will be better able to fight against the tension and avoiding getting weighed down in the negativity and stress of it all. Make the matter appear lighter to help you find a solution easier.

8. Start With A Smile

Just the mere act of smiling can lead to laughter and can make us feel happier and more carefree. If you allow yourself to start with a smile, the emotions will follow the physical action. For better results, smile and think of a funny moment from the past or a silly potential, future scenario to provide a burst of giggles and fun.

9. Listen To A Funny Podcast On Your Commute

Start your day off right by listening to a funny podcast or comedian station on your way to work and again back home. Experts suggest that inserting a bit of humor into your daily commute can set your mood for the day ahead, and then again for when coming home from the office ready to work out, relax or be with be friends or family.

10. Hang Out With A Kid

Sometimes the best way to act childlike is to be around children! Kids love a good laugh, and they often are easy to please when it comes to jokes and silly situations. Children easily find humor in many situations, so by spending a few moments with one can instantly make us feel care-free, goofy and free from serious, adult-like matters.

11. Keep A Silly Scrapbook

Creating a montage of silly photographs on your desk's bulletin-board or on your cell phone, or posting old photographs into a notebook or scrapbook to keep on hand, can provide a compilation of humorous resources that you can look to during the day. If you don't have room for that in your office, you can even just keep one photograph or itemized reminder from a silly incident in your work bag to take with you on the go.

No matter how many stresses and tasks you face in the day, it's no excuse to not find time to let yourself go and find humor in the little moments that count. Feeling sillier and happier will boost mental and physical health overtime, and these small, short moments can add up to result in a major impact on our outlook and mood. So, start laughing! You won't regret it.

Images: Pexels (12)