8 Genius Things That Disguise Your Mess & Clutter

I'm what you would call an organized mess. So instead of worrying about hiding it, I look for ways to organize my messy room and clutter. From an outside perspective, things in my room may look chaotic and all over the place, but to me, everything still has a place. For me, knowing how to cut clutter in my home came down to mastering a few super useful decorating hacks.

Everyone has at least one unorganized or messy room in their home — it may be your bedroom, your living room, kitchen, or your bathroom. Wherever it is, there are ways to declutter your area without having to throw everything out, or spend hours upon hours cleaning. Believe it or not, there are products out there that actually make your mess look good. With a few items you can get organized. Think of it this way: You probably have a friend who keeps all of their beauty products on their sink in jars. Right? Well, the mess is basically hitting you in the face. It's right there, but it's become a part of the decor in the room, making it perfectly acceptable.

Declutter your life with these organizational tips that will make your spaces appear less messy. (Even though you're really only dressing up your mess).

Make Your Bathroom Counter Mess Part Of The Decor

mDesign Bathroom Vanity Glass Apothecary Jars (3pc Set), $35, Amazon

Glass apothecary jars are probably the easiest way to organize your mess. You can store Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup, brushes, and more right on your sink, and no one will even think twice. It's just easier to have the things that you are constantly using in arm's reach. Because these jars are decorative, even the biggest neat freak won't be bothered by your products being out in the open.

To Prevent Random Clutter Piles, Stock Up On Pretty Catch-All Dishes

Creative Co-Op Ceramic Dog Dish, $8, Amazon

I have little dishes like this all over my house. I drop my keys in the one by the door, I put my jewelry in the one next to my bed before I go to sleep, and I drop change into the one in the kitchen. These decorative dishes are the perfect way to declutter without actually getting rid of your stuff. It used to bother my mom so much when I'd leave my things all over the place, but now she doesn't say anything because it seems like they're supposed to be there.

Stop Using Your Couch As Your Coat Stand, And Get One Already

Coaster Home Furnishings Coat Rack, $29, Amazon

When I go to my friend's apartment, there is this one chair that's right by the door that has become a coat rack. I've never actually seen anyone sit in the chair because there are always jackets on it. Even in the summertime. If you are too lazy to put your jackets into your coat closet (or you don't have a coat closet), a great alternative is a coat rack. This wa,y you can get them off of the chair and make it seem a bit less messy for guests who may actually want to sit down.

Keep Kitchen Utensils Out In The Open — Kind Of

Mud Pie Concrete Utensils Crock, $22, Amazon

If you don't have space in your kitchen to store all of your kitchen utensils, don't worry about it. Find a clever container for them instead. This one is perfect for your countertop and is large enough to store all of your spatulas, spoons and other kitchen tools in it. It's made to look like an antique from Paris, so it's not only being used for organization, but for decoration, too.

Replace Store Containers With Ceramic Ones

Oggi EZ Grip Coffee Canister, $19, Amazon

My friend loves coffee — she drinks it all of the time. Because of that, she likes to keep her giant canister of coffee right next to her coffee pot. One day I went over there and her store bought container was replaced with an adorable canister that looked as if it was supposed to be right there next to the pot (it also had an airtight seal to keep her coffee fresh!). Doing something as simple as taking items out of store bought containers and putting them in something a little classier can make a huge difference in decluttering. And it will add some character to your kitchen.

Store Mail & Papers In One Spot By Repurposing A Coffee Table Tray

Accents by Jay Rectangular Tray with Handle, $25, Amazon

A great way to keep papers and other similar things together is by getting a bright and colorful coffee table tray. Sure, you can put a coffee table book on it or use it as an actual tray, it also keeps papers and mail together in one place. Once it gets too full though, you may have to actually go through the papers.

Stop The Spread Of Jewelry By Utilizing Wall Space

Decorative Rustic Tree Branch & Birds Wall Hook, $18, Amazon

I have all of my jewelry hanging on hooks on my wall. It was a great solution to getting them off of my limited counter space. Utilizing wall space is such a clever way to make your mess seem pretty because it's actually becoming decorative. People compliment me on my "hanging wall art." (Which is really just a bunch of tangled necklaces and bracelets hanging on pretty hooks).

Even Miscellaenous Items Can Be Organized In Collapsible Bins

OrganizerLogic Storage Bin, $15, Amazon

As I said earlier, I'm an organized mess. It just works for me. I think the reason it works so well is that I have a place for everything — and baskets like these make that possible. People stop worrying about the mess when they see these witty storage bins. I like to use baskets to help me stay organized before a big trip. This way, I have everything I'm going to take with me pulled out to the side, but my things aren't all over the place, taking over my room. It's collapsible, so when I finally get to packing (or cleaning out my junk pile), I can store it somewhere until I need it again.

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