11 Travel Mugs And Tumblers For Back To School

by Jessica Learish

When I think of the hardest things about going back to school, the first hurdle that comes to mind is getting to morning classes on time. From middle school all the way through college, getting to that first class every day can prove a real challenge to the later-birds among us. So, when you're doing your shopping ahead of that first early morning, you may want to stock up on some travel mugs and tumblers for back to school. Whether you're toting coffee, tea, or some ice cold lemon water with you every day, you'll want to do it in style, so leggo.

I actually didn't start drinking coffee until college when I was introduced to the beauty of the dirty chai — that's chai with espresso, for the uninitiated. With all of the sacrificed sleep and chilly winter mornings, it was only a matter of time before I became a total fiend. With these travel-friendly cups, you can become your own at-home barista, or bring your reusable tumbler or mug to your local coffee shop and snag that environmentally friendly discount. I've gotten super into the plastic tumblers with straws lately. They are perfect for iced lattes, essential for staying hydrated while driving, and they don't break when your dog inevitably wags his tail and knocks over your full cup of iced tea (or is that one just me).

Here are the internet's cutest, greenest to-go caffeine delivery vessels.

1. Lashes on fleek

This mug will stand in loving memory of the evenly applied zero-smudge eyelash look from last night that has come to rest beneath your bottom lid.

Eyelashes Travel Mug, $20, Sweet Water Decor

2. Be irresistibly hydrated

Whether you're toting water, lemonade, juice, or perfectly chilled rosé (because you're a college senior or a grad student and of legal drinking age), this tumbler will keep the thirst monster at bay as you walk to class, to brunch, or in circles around your bedroom.

Love Potion Sip Sip Tumbler, $9, Bando

3. Have a magical morning

So much this. Fifty points to Gryffindor!

Espresso Patronum Travel Mug, $16, ThePinkPolkaDotCC

4. At the office but dreaming of vacation

You mean your office doesn't have a full-service poolside lounger with extra-strong wifi and bottomless mimosas?

Where's My Cabana Boy Travel Mug, $20, Sweet Water Decor

5. Caffeine before questions, please

Just flash this adorable travel mug at anybody that approaches you looking for a coherent answer to any question, including the Starbucks barista.

But First Coffee Hot Stuff Thermal Mug, $14, Amazon

6. Motivation filled with more motivation

You're doing more than just going through the motions when you're sipping an iced coffee from this masterpiece.

Everyday I'm Hustlin' Travel Tumbler, $20, Sweet Water Decor

7. There's no place like home

Celebrate your roots with these custom home state travel mugs. You can even choose your favorite colors for bragging about your hometown sports teams.

Home State Travel Mug, $9, KandCStudios

8. Go from work to workout

When you're cranking out that last sprint or set of squats before dinner and homework, remind yourself that a hot pizza is in your future.

Work It Out Water Bottle, $20, Amazon

9. The idiot check mug

Does anyone else remember this episode of Broad City? This mug will remind you of all of the things you almost forgot before your first coffee. Brilliant.

Phone Keys Wallet Travel Mug,$20, SimplyMadeGreetings

10. You're not bossy

Get to your first class and run the show. Because, to borrow a page from Beyoncé — you're not bossy, you're the boss.

Like A Boss Travel Mug, $20, Sweet Water Decor

11. Because the class clown needs a tumbler too

Here comes the fun doo doo doo doo! 🎤 Announce the arrival of the funniest person in class with this bold pink tumbler. I'm sure your teachers appreciate it more than they let on.

Here Comes The Fun Sip Sip Tumbler, $14, Amazon

Images: Sweet Water Decor (4); Bando (4); ThePinkPolkaDotCC/Etsy; KandCStudios/Etsy; SimplyMadeGreetings/Etsy