Sanaz From 'EJNYC' Is Flush With Cash

The cast of EJNYC is a group of rich kids, and the most flamboyantly privileged of them all is one of EJ Johnson's friends. And, if you look up SEJNYC star Sanaz's net worth, it makes sense how she can afford to ball out of control while seemingly having no job and no plans to get one. According to an E! press release, she is a "real estate development heir," and if she's being described as an "heir," I'm going to assume that her family has some serious dough. In the second episode, Sanaz is living with her parents in their home in New Jersey, and it looks pretty amazing. Right now, Sanaz might not have a ton of money of her own, but her family's net worth is kind of like her personal bank account.

In 2006, the New Jersey Real Estate Report spoke with Charles Panahi, a real estate developer who specializes in luxury homes. That man is Sanaz's father, and according to that interview, he runs Diamond Engineering & Developers, a real estate development company. Diamond Engineering has contracts with the city it's based in, Closter, NJ. Panahi didn't make it onto Forbes' list of the richest real estate developers, but even if he's not a billionaire, the average real estate developer makes $86,000 a year, according to Payscale, and Panahi owns his own business, meaning he could be maxing out the scale much higher than Payscale's estimated $143,000 per year upper limit.

In the first couple of episodes, it was hard to get a read on Sanaz, who speaks almost exclusively in a deadpan whine and has absolutely no filter between what she thinks and what she bluntly says to everyone around her. But she's a great addition to this cast, since it's like having a little bit of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in the mix. And with those real estate millions to spend, Sanaz chooses to live her life in a way that you wish you could. I have to say, if I had millions in the bank, I'd be doing exactly what she does.

She Has Every Pair Of Designer Sunglasses Imaginable

As her shopping trip with EJ proved that Sanaz is serious about sunglasses. And her collection is seemingly endless. If you ever see her eyes, it's not for a lack of of coverage options.

Her Makeup Is Always Flawless

Perfect brows, a better version of the lip color favored by celebrities, and contouring without that overly shaded look. Forgive the pun, but her beat is unbeatable.

She Is Pampered Every Hour Of Every Day

Yep, if I had the cash, I would absolutely spend Monday mornings like this. This much relaxation is reserved for Saturday afternoons only in a normal person's life.

She Has The Best Wheels

I know there's no such thing as a "couture" vehicle, but her taste in cars is just as luxe as her taste in fashion.

She Sits Two Inches Away From Rihanna

This is basically like a private concert. In this IG video, you can see more people onstage than in the audience.

She Is Close With Her Parents

Sanaz's own personal net worth may not be legendary just yet, but for right now, the real estate heir is living very well.

Image: E!