In Other News, June 6

'In Other News' is Bustle's daily roundup of stories we're reading but didn't get a chance to write...but still think you should read.

  • Good Morning America gave 5 times the amount of coverage to Paris Jackson's rumored suicide attempt than it did to The White House's secret collection of citizen's cell phone records.
  • Raising the Federal minimum wage could help close the gender wage gap, according to a new report by National Women Law Center. (It may be a chicken or the egg situation, but the gender wage gap was narrowest in states with the highest minimum wage.)
  • For the first time, a judge ruled that a seriously ill child in Pennsylvania could be put on the adult transplant list so that she may receive a lung transplant.
  • The Atlantic Wire collects some of the most interesting and compelling protest photographs taken by young people in Turkey.
  • Vladamir Putin is getting a divorce, and one of the our Bustle staff members is very excited about it. She suggests you check out his bachelor hotness factor here.

And last but not least, enjoy Jill Greenberg's awesome photographs of babies who just had candy stolen from them.

Image: Jill Greenberg