Ben & Lauren's Engagement Party Was Adorable

by Nicole Pomarico

If you're like me and assume that all Bachelor relationships will crash and burn post-show, here's another reason to have a little faith in the process. It may have been awhile since we watched their proposal go down on the Bachelor finale, but on Monday night, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell finally had an engagement party, and it was just as cute as you'd expect it to be. According to People, the party took place in Portland, Oregon, and while it doesn't seem like Chris Harrison was in attendance, the rest of their friends and family were. Unfortunately, the bride and groom to be have yet to share pictures themselves, but their family and friends have been all over Instagram spreading the love.

In one photo, Higgins and Bushnell are posing with a friend in front of a tower of cupcakes (and plenty of cookies), since dessert is the only way to properly celebrate any occasion, and in another pic, Bushnell's sister, Mollie, said she "tore up the dance floor," because what else do you do at parties like this? All in all, it sounds like it was a pretty sweet party, and after the whirlwind of romance and press events the couple has been through since meeting for the first time during filming last year, a chance to take it all in with their loved ones sounds way needed.

And although I definitely understand why people would be skeptical — after all, they haven't even made it to the one year mark yet — I think this party is yet another sign that Higgins and Bushnell are built to last. Since the finale, they've been relatively low key, and their social media shows that they enjoy doing the lame, every day things that make up a real life relationship with each other. And they've also been inseparable... which isn't always the case when Bach alum take on a challenge like Dancing With The Stars right after doing the show, which can sometimes take a toll on a new relationship. Chris Soules, I am looking at you!

Even though they might be a little boring, boring is good when it comes to relationships born out of reality TV. And now that they have their friends and family supporting them like this, it seems like they're way more likely to make this thing last. Here's hoping the party was filmed for Higgins and Bushnell's new show, Ben and Lauren. I need to see those cupcakes again in all their glory!

Image: Giphy