"Kids React to Rotary Phones" Video Contemplates the Obsolete Gadget With Hilarious Results

Ahh, the days of rotary phones. Twirling the dial and waiting for one number to register, only to perform this action at least six more times before you can actually contact the person at the other end. Now that smartphones have taken over the world and these old-school gadgets are relatively obsolete outside of your grandparents' house, a rotary phone may seem very foreign to today's kids — as evidenced by the YouTube video "Kids React To Rotary Phones," posted by Fine Brothers Productions.

In the video, the kids, ranging from kindergarteners to teens, are given an old-fashioned rotary phone to contemplate, and they react with a combination of confusion, horror, and boredom. The kids are prompted with questions, just to egg on more fun, and their responses are priceless. Once handed the contraption, Lucas, 5, exclaims, "Say what!" and proceeds to try and call someone. But to his shock, he doesn't know how the phone functions.

One smart cookie even identifies the phone as being the first made by Alexander Graham Bell. Though Bell did create a patent for the telephone, the rotary was not his first model. Nice try, kiddo!

To see more reactions in their hilarious entirety, give the video a watch. Long live rotaries!

FBE on YouTube

Image: Fine Brothers Productions/YouTube