Twitter Is Having A Great Time With Bernie+Hillary

by Charlie Beckerman

The long and hard-fought Democratic primary seems to have finally, really, truly come to an end. On Tuesday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president. It was a photo-op that former Secretary of State Clinton and the wider Democratic Party had been longing for since she reached the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the party's nomination early last month.

Sanders took the 2016 Democratic primary by storm, coming from way behind to emerge as a serious challenge to the strongly-favored Clinton. Speculation in recent weeks has centered on whether Clinton will be able to win over Sanders supporters, particularly young voters, who overwhelmingly supported Sanders in the primaries. In fact, a poll published recently by GenForward, which was overseen by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago, along with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, found that among Americans aged 18 to 30 who backed Sanders in the primary, "only half are prepared to say they'll back Clinton in her general election face-off with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump." In their joint appearance on Tuesday, both Sanders and Clinton spoke at length, not only outlining their own policy positions, but also taking swing after swing at presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and the Republican platform. Clinton even called out Trump for the “tweets he’s probably writing right now.”

But the two former rivals weren’t the only ones having fun. Even before they had finished speaking, twitter users started showing up having a good time with the event, both mocking it and addressing some of the leftover awkward tension between the two figures.

Even CNN was getting in on the fun:

The Onion was also on hand to add a little comic perspective:

The internet seemed all too aware of the somewhat strained relationship between the two now-former rivals, but it's unclear if awkwardness alone will make it harder to sell Clinton to Sanders' fans.