This Is The Designer Behind The Team USA Uniforms

by Kali Borovic

The Olympics might be all about the sports, but the gear is important too. Polo Ralph Lauren designed the USA's 2016 Olympic uniforms, and it was a match made in heaven. This isn't the first time the iconic design house has worked with the elite team, and it doesn't get more all-American than this label, so it really makes perfect sense.

If there's anything I'm more excited about than the summer Olympics, it's the outfits that the athletes will be wearing both while competing and during the opening and closing ceremonies. Each year the uniforms and costumes get better and better, so it only makes sense that this year the clothing is on-point. The outfits are quite simple and minimalist, and I don't think they'd want them any other way. After all, you don't want the clothing to outshine the athletes who have worked like crazy to get to the highest level of sports in the entire world. An Olympic uniform should be classic and represent the team well, without being distracting.

Take the Polo Closing Ceremony outfits for example. They feature red, white, or blue zip ups with the Ralph Lauren Logo on one side and the Olympic Seal on the other. Each one has matching white shorts and a fabulous patriotic belt to finish them all off. Classic and timeless. Plus all the clothing was made in the U.S., according to Fashionista.

If you're looking to get your hands on some gear as well, then you're in luck. As an official brand of Team USA, the collection will help fund athletes who are following their Olympic dreams.

"The USOC receives no government funding, instead relying on TV revenue, private donations, and a select group of corporate partners — like Ralph Lauren — to fund its support of athletes," the Ralph Lauren site reads.

Here's some of the fabulous gear you can buy to help the cause.

1. Closing Ceremony Outfit

Team USA Ceremony Oxford Shirt, $145,

You can dress just like the athletes with this oxford. How cool is that?

2. Personalized Zip-Up

Team USA Half Zip-Up Sweater, $98,

You can even get your name printed on the items. So, basically, you're a winner too.

3. Racerback Tank

Team USA Jersey Racerback Tank, $48,

Or you can choose a more casual option.

4. Patterned Windbreaker

Team USA Patterned Windbreaker, $297,

Then there's this super trendy option.

So cool!

5. Polo Dress

Team USA StripedPolo Dress, $99,

This one is the perfectly classic.

6. Toucan Tee

Team USA Toucan Jersey Tee, $65,

Get festive with this Rio attire.

7. USA Leggings

Team USA Stretch Leggings, $98,

This might be the comfiest item in the entire collection.

You better go stock up before the Olympics begin!

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