Kanye West's Heated Paparazzi Run-In Is One of His Worst Freak-Outs Ever

You won't believe this, but Kanye West freaked out on a photographer in L.A.X. on Friday. But like, really freaked out. When a TMZ camera man said "I'm a big fan," Kanye got angry. Kanye got pissed. Kanye forgot he's a celebrity and this shit comes with the territory.

He yelled, "Don't talk ... don't talk to me ... I don't wan't to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know ... and tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows ... don't talk to themselves ... DON'T TALK EVER AGAIN."

Don't ever talk again, huh? Tall order.

Listen, if Kanye hates the attention so much, maybe he should take a page out of Matt Damon's book and find a way to be, you know, an A-list celebrity, but remain mostly out of limelight. Damon recently spoke to Esquire about his tactics for laying low -- maybe someone should hand Kanye a copy?

But listen: if you're the unfortunate one to hand it over, make sure you don't say anything when you do it. Because, DON'T TALK EVER.