‘90s Songs You Still Sing In The Shower

It is a scientific fact that every human being sings like a gosh-darn angel in the shower. Put some shampoo in my hair and add a cascading tumble of water and I'm Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, and the The Beatles all at once. Who knows why it works this way — perhaps it's the moist heat, the cavernous shower architecture, or the privacy — but turn that shower on and begin sudsing up and you are immediately a rockstar. Of course, every shower vocalist knows that the best jams to bust out in the bathroom (when you're not going to Disney town or motown) are from the '90s — I mean, there are at least a few '90s songs you still sing in the shower.

Maybe sometimes you get one or two of the words wrong, or you just repeat the chorus over and over again, or maybe you are even satisfied with some "lalalas" to the tune, but there's bound to be a few '90s songs you practice everyday. There's something about using a loofah as a microphone that makes a person feel like they are the celebrity to end all celebrities. If they get a few words wrong in their cover of "Bittersweet Symphony," no one is going to notice.

These are the '90s songs our showers have all heard too many times

1. "... Baby One More Time" By Britney Spears

Be careful not to slip when you're dancing to this one (because of course you've got the dance from the music video memorized, don't pretend). Or, maybe just buy a non-slip shower mat.

2. "Bittersweet Symphony" By The Verve

You kill it on the violin hums in the introduction, the oohs and ahhs, the melodies, and the harmonies. You should probably do karaoke to this song.

3. "Ready Or Not" By The Fugees

Proud of you for knowing both Wyclef and Lauryn Hill's verses by heart. So proud of you.

4. "You Oughta Know" By Alanis Morissette

Didn't get that promotion? Got your heart broken? Just having a bad day? Then the angry girl anthem of the '90s is the jam for you. Get all that rage out in the shower with some Morissette so you don't accidentally lose your sh*t and have an on-the-floor temper tantrum at the grocery store when they are out of the off-brand Nutella you tolerate.

5. "All My Life" By K-Ci And JoJo

Sometimes, you just gotta croon. Nothing can be more calming and comfortable than singing something real smooth that makes you feel super suave. This is why, a lot of time, something sweet like "All My Life" is the prime shower jam.

6. "Say My Name" By Destiny's Child

These days, you're mostly singing a lot of Lemonade in the shower. But, it doesn't hurt to sometimes go back to Beyoncé's early days, and remind yourself how fierce she was even then. "Say My Name" will help you find that fierceness within yourself as you get ready for your day (unless you shower at night before bed).

7. "I Want It That Way" By Backstreet Boys

Sorry *NSYNC, but this song reads way better for shower karaoke than any other boy band song.

8. "I Will Always Love You" By Whitney Houston

When you're feeling like a diva, you need to sing like one. That's why Whitney Houston is the voice to model when you're feeling those "female version of a hustla" vibes. Extra points for overly exaggerated "oooohs."

9. "The Boy Is Mine" By Brandy & Monica

Sometimes, the best shower songs are the ones where you have to throw your acting hat on and really feel the desires of the different singers.

10. "Livin' La Vida Loca" By Ricky Martin

Nothing wakes a person up in the shower quite as well as this Ricky Martin song. Something about its bounciness makes it just perfect. Or, maybe it's the alliteration. Who knows? Whatever the "it" factor of this song is, the way it roll of the tongue make it a great shower choice.

11. "What A Girl Wants" By Christina Aguilera

I am constantly amazed by the depth and beauty of Christina Aguilera's voice. And I'm certain that whenever I'm in the shower, I sound like I could pretend to be her in concerts and no one would be able to tell it was actually me. No one is around to tell me otherwise. It's a beautiful experience.

12. "Wonderwall" By Oasis

This is the song you heard four hours ago and somehow found stuck in your head during shower time. It simply happens. It's best to immediately switch your brain over to a different song, actually, because once this song has you in its clutches, it never leaves.

13. "Waterfalls" By TLC

There are very few things as magical as singing this song in the shower and pretending to be bathing in a warm waterfall. It's seriously one of the nicest sensations... until you hear the lyrics you're singing and remember how heartbreaking the lyrics are.

14. "I'll Make Love To You" By Boyz II Men

Maybe you've decided that tonight's not a shower night, but instead, a bubble bath night. In this case, of course the proper song to bellow out is something sexy, like this Boyz II Men slow jam.

15. "Stop" By The Spice Girls

Sometimes, singing isn't enough, and you just need to dance too. That's when "Stop" comes in. Which Spice Girl will you pretend to be this time? Personally, I always go Sporty.

16. "Mmmbop" By Hanson

Sure, you don't really the lyrics you're trying to sing, but that doesn't make it any less fun.

17. "B*tch" By Meredith Brooks

No one's home? Proceed to scream this song like the badass you are.

Shower time is a beautiful time — dare I say, one of the most beautiful of times? During it, one's skin is flawless, their heart is pure, and their singing voice has chart-topping capabilities. Next time you shower, don't forget to take a few of your 20-something year old pop hits with you.

Images: BritneySpearsVevo/YouTube