Margaret Cho's Web Series 'In Transition' Has a Lot of Explaining To Do

When I heard Margaret Cho put out a web series called In Transition, I was so, so, so excited! She's smart and funny and amazing, so obviously her series would be all of the above! So I watched it. There have been two episodes released so far, with another 11 slated to come out weekly, and I just ... don't really know what else to say about it.

Margaret Cho Official on YouTube
Margaret Cho Official on YouTube

So yeah. Those are the first two episodes. It's not that I didn't like it, more that I had absolutely no idea how to feel about it. So I went back and watched again. And felt the same way.

Am I missing something? Sometimes you don't get a particular type of humor, maybe that's what's going on here? I mean, it's funny, it's just not as funny as expected and I'm not sure where it's going or what's driving it.

As far as I can gather, Margaret Cho is Tawny Kim, a semi-believable-at-best parolee, with two sidekicks in a halfway-house run by cross dressers. That blonde chick with the bad attitude but amazing bitchiness is being set up to be Tawny Kim's enemy, but what this mysterious "money" is, where it comes from and how it's owed to our three protagonists is thus far a mystery. Also their blonde enemy mysteriously only employs gay men that sort of resemble Matt Bomer? I don't get it.

So obviously, I'm left with a lot of questions. I still love Margaret Cho, and I'll keep watching the web series, but given that I still have no idea what's happening two episodes in, I'm dubious and a little confused. Let's hope she pulls it out of the bag, because I'd really like to be able to transition into In Transition.