Miley Kisses A Lot of Girls, Okay?!

Miley Cyrus does shocking things. Sometimes they're shocking, like the Robin Thicke VMA performance and sometimes they're "shocking" like everything she's done since the Robin Thicke VMA performance. Why are the things that she does still surprising? I wasn't even surprised when I heard she mimed giving a man dressed as Bill Clinton a blow job during her Bangerz concert tour. Now if that sentence doesn't stir up feelings of "No way! Whaaat?!" then you know the shock value has worn off. That's why I don't get why it's still surprising that she's kissing girls. Miley Cyrus kissed a female fan at her concert Saturday night and for some reason that is still notable. To me, the only surprising thing is that the fan didn't either get awkward and/or scared of germs and turn away.

While she was singing "Adore You" during her Las Vegas show, Cyrus knelt down and shared a pretty long kiss with a fan in the front row. In a video taken of the smooch, Cyrus herself even looks surprised at the end even though she was the one that initiated the kiss. She kisses people all the time — Cara Delevigne, Katy Perry, this lady — so there should be no surprise left.

I suspect that if you asked her to talk about it, she'd say that it wasn't meant to be shocking/daring/rebellious at all and just a way of expressing herself freely. I'm totally with this even though I would highly suspect she was lying. It wouldn't clear up that fact that Cyrus would likely still see it as a way to get people talking, but can we just all agree that Miley Cyrus kissing girls has been happening and will keep happening? Talk about her reenactments of political scandals are you want — if she's able to come up with another one, I'll be impressed — but the kissing ain't going away, so there isn't much of a point in it being an "Omg!" moment every single time.

E! Online already had to use italics in their article headline ("Miley Cyrus Kisses Another Female Fan...") and, frankly, they're running out of options. What's it going to be next time? "Miley Cyrus Kisses ANOTHERRRRRRR!!!!!KFJSLIROJ!!!! Female Fan?" I say we all accept the kissing and move on. (Unless it's someone really crazy, of course. If she kisses Meryl Streep, that's fair game.)

Image: Miley Cyrus Updates/Twitter