Emma Roberts Reveals Some 'Scream Queens' Spoilers

I don't know how Andy Cohen does it (perhaps truth serum?) but he always, always gets the best and juiciest answers out of his guests on Watch What Happens Live! And, you know what? Emma Roberts appearance was no different. Case in point, Cohen got Roberts to reveal some Scream Queens Season 2 spoilers, specifically whether John Stamos or Taylor Lautner was going to be her character's love interest in the upcoming season. She revealed that Chanel Oberlin will, in fact, be romanced by one of them. But, of course, she didn't specify which one. Cohen's good, but he's not that good.

Ultimately, when discussing who Chanel's new love interest would be, Roberts gave the diplomatic, nice co-worker answer, with just a little bit of sass. She said, "Honestly I'd be happy with either of them... Or both of them." I mean, who wouldn't, honestly? But while her assessment of the situation is sweet, all is definitely not fair in love and war. Both Stamos and Lautner are the faces of two iconic fictional love interests, and their prowess as leading men need to be put to the test. Only one can survive the battle of "Ultimate Love Interest," but who will it be, Full House's Uncle Jesse or Twilight's Jacob Black?

Let's take a closer look at who has more of what it takes to be the love interest:

Thick, Gorgeous Tresses



Tied again. This is getting difficult...

Cool Secret Identity

Going to have to go with my pal Jacob on this one...

Ability To Bring The Temperature Up In The Room

Listen, both men are stupidly good looking. But, but, dare I say Uncle J edges past Jacob in the sexiness-as-a-verb department? Look at that chemistry, like damn.

Grand, Romantic Gestures That Are Cheesy But Delicious

I want to say that Uncle Jesse was just a wee bit over the top, but it's a song. He wrote a damn song for Aunt Becky. Like, how can you compete with that? You can't.

Relationship Success Rate

As you can see, things didn't turn out as Jacob had hoped, but Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky are still rockin' it 25 years later.

I think the winner here is painfully evident. Perhaps Scream Queens is Lautner's shot at being the love interest that finally sticks. After four movies of being on the losing end of the romantic angst, he's about due.

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