How To Hatch An Egg In "Pokemon Go"

If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, catching Pokemon is your real test — but it isn't the only way to add another illustrious creature to your Pokedex. If you've been taking a vacation from technology for the past week and just downloaded the augmented reality game that's sweeping the nation to your iOS or Android device, you are probably wondering how do you hatch an egg in "Pokemon Go," and what does the egg give me?

In the Pokemon universe (where apparently we all live now), all Pokemon hatch from eggs, regardless of type. According to Bulbapedia, in Pokémon lore, they are able to reproduce with others of their species after they have evolved from their baby form. Nobody has ever witnessed a Pokemon breed lay an egg — the egg usually just appears beside them (because they are beautiful and perfect creatures! (Also, it was created for children.)

In "Pokemon Go," players have the ability to obtain eggs and incubate them, and once hatched, the Pokemon is added to their roster. Checking-in to certain Pokestops will give you an egg as a reward (not just the usual pokeballs and Razz Berries). To see your collected eggs, click on the central pokeball at the bottom of your screen, and select the "Pokemon" option. On this page you will have two tabs at the top of your screen: "Pokemon" and "Eggs." Under the Eggs tab you can view all your Pokemon just waiting to be born!

If you do not know already — I'm sorry to tell you this — but in order to hatch an egg Nintendo is gonna make you do a little exercise. Each egg requires walking a certain predetermined distance to hatch. The distance listed under the egg image (two kilometers, five kilometers, and ten kilometers) signifies the level of Pokemon contained inside. The further you have to walk to hatch the egg, the more rare and powerful the Pokemon. That's right — strap on those sneakers 'cause you're going outside!

To start the egg hatching process, click on the egg you wish to start with. A message will appear, asking you to incubate the egg:

Click on "Start Incubation." The game will then instruct you to walk the predetermined distance to hatch the egg.

As you walk the phone acts as a pedometer, keeping track of your distance (and no, you can't trick it by driving around).

Each player starts with one incubator. As a reward for leveling up you may receive more incubators as you continue to play, which means you can work on hatching multiple eggs at once (and become the ultimate Pokemon Master! Waaahhaaaha!). Of course, you can also use real money to buy extra incubators from the "shop" — but where's the fun in that?

When an egg is ready to hatch, your phone will vibrate and you will see the most adorable graphics.

The excitement and anticipation makes all the walking worth it. Now go soak those feet!

Images: Screenshots/"Pokemon Go"