Diddy releases new song "Big Homie," But there's nothing new about it

Lately, I've come to associate the name Diddy with Cîroc, or how much the Bad Boy music mogul spoils his girlfriend Cassie. Aside from a fleeting thought that crossed my mind upon hearing of the recent Danity Kane reunion, I honestly hadn't thought much about Diddy in terms of releasing music. But, as it turns out he's working on a new album and Diddy released a new single called "Big Homie." The thing is...there's really nothing new about this song.

Sure, it's new as the dictionary defines the term: "recently born, created or built," but it sounds like the same old stuff I've heard from him before. As in 1996, shiny suit, Ma$e-as-a-sidekick Diddy. Basically, he's reverted back to lyrics solely centered on bragging, which I realize is an integral part of popular hip hop releases, but I guess I went and got my hopes up after falling in love with 2010's Last Train to Paris , a highly conceptual joint venture with Diddy-Dirty Money. If anything, I thought he might resurface with something even more futuristic and innovative, more along the lines of Last Space Capsule to Mars.

Remember "Angels," "Hello, Good Morning" or "Coming Home"? Those songs had more thought behind them, even if I didn't quite understand all of them. The inspiration behind his newest single is apparent from the moment you press play: money. Blah.

Talk of "fly bitches," "pinky rings" and topping the Forbes list reinforces the fact that I have less in common with rich rap superstars than I originally thought. After four years of not releasing an album, I'm sorry-not sorry to say Diddy's "I'm richer than you are" lyrics are just not that clever. And it's safe to say that the title of his new LP MMM, probably doesn't stand for "Millenial Music Makeover." Take a listen below and you be the judge.