Pokemon, As Named By Autocorrect

by Emma Cueto

None of us were prepared for the wonders of "Pokemon Go" — and that includes the word processing software on your phone. "Pokemon Go" users are now naming Pokemon based on autocorrect — either accidentally or on purpose — because it turns out that poor autocorrect just doesn't know what to make of all these wacky Pokemon names. But hey, it's not autocorrect's fault; it wasn't around in the '90s to learn.

For the uninitiated, "Pokemon Go" is the smartphone game that lets you live your childhood dream of catching Pokemon out in the real world and battling against other Pokemon trainers. However, while we were all busy reviving '90s culture in the 21st century, we all forgot to notify one very 21st century invention about it: autocorrect. And autocorrect is therefore understandably confused about all these Pokemon names. As a result, when some users have gone in to name their pocket monsters in the game, they've wound up with some ... interesting names. And even though the default name for any Pokemon you catch is the species name, some people, such as this Redditor, have deliberately tried re-typing the species name just to see what autocorrect makes of them.

One thing is very clear: Autocorrect never watched or played Pokemon as a child.

Though it's not clear if all of these people have tried typing in the species name, some of them seem like they obviously came from a species name — "Carmaker" from "Charmander," for instance, or "Squirter" for "Squirtle." But since everyone's autocorrect is a little bit different, given that they tend to learn from the way you regularly type and the words you normally use, it's hard to say. And it also means you might get some unique Pokemon names if you try it out.

The possibilities are endlessly amusing. But at some point, someone might want to add some Pokemon names to autocorrect's programing. After all, even autocorrect should get to appreciate the '90s.