'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' TV Spot Proves That Everyone In This Movie's A Badass

Now that the Oscars over we are slowly exiting box office purgatory, that dreaded swamp of schmaltz and generic action saved only by The Lego Movie and the continuing reign of Frozen. Soon enough we will see a rise in non-kids movies that the studios actually have confidence in, and praise be the Marvel gods (whattup Thor), for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of them. It's also got a new TV spot, the last little bit of which has me convinced my friends and five year old nephews (they have shockingly similar taste) will be quoting Falcon for months to follow. The rest of the promo just convinces me even further that we need Marvel to actually confirm that Black Widow movie.

The trailer — which was released today probably because it marks the exact two month date before the film's April 4 release — features that sequence that's been in every trailer so far. You know the one — the flipped car, the menacing Winter Soldier. It's also got ethically conflicted Cap and a heroic stand by Natasha ("The world is a vulnerable place, but we're the best qualified to defend it."). My favorite part, though, is probably that sliver at the end that actually shows us Anthony Macky's Falcon. Because, frankly, we need to see more of him because he seems damn great.

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Image: Marvel