Kylie Jenner Throws It Back To The '90s Again

When it comes to all things beauty related, this girl has definitely become a go-to for inspiration. People love to watch tutorials of her doing her makeup, and even more than that, actually getting to use the products from her very own cosmetics line. Kylie Jenner rocked ‘90s style hair and makeup for Allure, so if you don’t already own the True Brown K Lip Kit, you’re going to want to get your hands on it now.

Jenner’s proving that some things never go out of style. She paired her dramatic brown lip with overall minimal makeup covering the rest of her face and a very '90s-style low ponytail. I’m talking middle part and all. You know the one! It’s no wonder that she’s who thousands and thousands of people look up to for beauty advice and more because she really can pull any look off. A bold lip look to no makeup at all, you name it and Jenner can make it work.

The whole ‘90s brown lip thing has been trending for quite some time, which is probably why it was one of the first Lip Kit colors to be released. But, as you’ll see in the photos below — it’s still very much in. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon because if Jenner says it’s cool, then it is.

Just gorgeous! But, no surprise there. She always kills the brown lipstick look.

1. Casual

She's rocking the '90s lip and athleisure, nailing too trends at once. Oh. em. gee. How cool is she?

2. True Brown

Such a stunning color on her.

3. Edgy

She's got that chic-grunge factor with a dark brown lip and distressed denim.

4. Glam

It's hard not to have a major glam moment with a brown lippie.

5. Ultra 1990s

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here we are with that low pony and brown lip combo again. So classic.

6. Baseball Caps & Lipstick

Is there a better combo?

Yeah, brown lips are here to stay.