9 Special Effects Nail Polishes That Don't Require Artistic Ability

Nail art is fun and all, but for those of us who don't have the steady hands — or patience — to get in on it? Well, what now? One more coat of boring Ballet Slippers and you'll go certifiable... but the idea of painting perfect polka dots just ain't happening.

Here's the next level of nail polish. Some of our favorite beauty brands have created polishes with special effects and subtle nuances that lend lacquer and lift. From textured to transformative, we've found nine special effect shades for you to try.

Image: Mara In Polish Land

Holographic Nail Polish

We’ll still be wearing this holographic polish when we’re riding around in our flying cars — with our robots.

Color Club Cloud Nine, $7, Amazon

Photo Credit: Mara In Polish Land

Color-Changing Nail Polish

Mirrored Nail Polish

Essie’s ultra-opaque chrome polish will give your nails an illuminated, mirrored finish.

Essie Penny Talk, $9, Amazon

Image: Ommorphia Beauty Bar

Matte Nail Polish

To maintain the matte effect of Zoya’s neon pink shade, skip the top coat.

Zoya Lola, $9, Amazon

Image: Colores De Carol

Polka Dotted Nail Polish

Perfect for you and all of the Whos in Whoville.

Whimsical Ideas By Pam Seuss, $10, Facebook

Imaget: Mara In Polish Land

Iridescent Nail Polish

This soft pink polish has a lovely iridescence, so you’ll get the sparkle and shimmer without having to scrub off chunks of glitter.

Julep Abigail, $14, Julep

Sandy Texture Nail Polish

Deborah Lippmann’s mustard yellow polish goes on smooth but dries sandy.

Deborah Lippmann I Wanna Be Sedated, $15, Amazon

Image: deborahlippmann/ Instagram

3D Glitter Texture Nail Polish

Zoya’s glitter-packed polish offers a mesmerizing 3D texture.

Zoya Cosmo Magical Pixiedust, $10, Amazon

Magnetic Swirl Nail Polish

An easy-to-use magnetic strip creates a striped effect on this galactic lacquer.

OPI Is That Silva, $14, Amazon

Image: Ommorphia Beauty Bar