The Best Places To Stream Trump's RNC Speech

After months of speculation regarding a contested Republican convention, Donald Trump finally gets to throw the party he's been planning for over a year — and much to the GOP establishment's chagrin, he will (if everything goes according to plan) take the stage as the Republican nominee. If Trump sticks to his usual style, his acceptance speech will likely be something to behold, peppered with the typical, bombastic lines that fill auditoriums and headlines. So if you can't be there to witness the moment in person, is there a way to stream Trump's RNC speech? It will be something you won't want to miss.

The schedule of events for the RNC indicates that viewers can expect to see Trump close out the four-day event on Thursday evening. After an unexplained delay, the soon-to-be nominee's lineup of speakers has finally been announced, and include some figures very familiar to Trump and others who are a bit more surprising. Members of Trump's family are slated to speak, for instance, but are followed up by none other than Trump's former primary rival Ted Cruz. It will be interesting to see if any mention of Cruz's crossing-over makes it into the nomination acceptance speech.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Viewers wanting to stream Thursday's speech have plenty of choices, as the RNC is utilizing just about every option at their fingertips. If you want to feel like you've been plopped down right in the center of the action, you can use the convention's RNC 2016 app. The app will allow users to view the convention through a 360-degree video, download maps and schedules, and livestream the speeches, including the nominee's momentous acceptance speech.

Twitter has also teamed up with CBS to livestream the convention, and will provide a live feed of the event on the platform. The streaming service will also be accompanied by live-tweets about the convention (and of course, Twitter's regular users will undoubtedly have plenty to say on the matter).

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If you'd rather watch from your television, ABC will also be streaming the convention. Viewers can expect to get live updates from The View co-host Paula Faris and Strait Talk host LZ Granderson, analysis from on-the-ground, and interviews.

With these immersive options available, you may just get close enough to the RNC that you'll be able to smell Trump's hairspray.