Adam Lambert Stole The Show During 'Glee's "Trio" While Things Got Weird In Lima

It's about time Glee gave Starchild his shining moment. After last week's "Frenemies" fallout between Rachel and Santana, Rachel took shelter with Elliot, aka Starchild, aka Adam Lambert. This week, Lambert's character got his chance to shine in not one, but THREE performances — NYC is officially the place to watch. Meanwhile, in Lima, everyone — especially annoying Tina — is feeling sad about graduation and Will and Emma are trying to have a baby. Yep, we definitely care more about what's happening in New York.

This week's episode opened at McKinley where Tina Cohen-Chang is just crying all over the place all like, "WAH HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER AND NO ONE IN THE REAL WORLD IS GOING TO PUT UP WITH ME." Well, duh — because you're annoying. But anyway, Sam, Tina, and Blaine have started a seniors "trio" (which apparently doesn't include Artie even though he's also a senior, RUDE) and are singing songs like "Jumpin' Jumpin'" and "Don't You (Forget About Me)". All while trying to keep Tina from crying because she's totally being that girl right now.

In an attempt to have a memorable senior class moment, this trio tries to plan a "lock-in" — which Sue obviously doesn't allow. So the three of them break into the school and have their own little shindig that gets crashed by Becky. During which, TINA AND SAM MAKE OUT. And we all breathed a sigh of relief that hopefully this means that they won't try to force a Sam-Rachel relationship any time soon. Blaine was pissed about them ruining his big plans for their seniors-only night — but then they sang a seniors' song with Artie and it was alright.

Still at McKinley, another disturbing thing — even more disturbing than Tina sobbing everywhere — is happening. Will and Emma are just having sex in all kinds of inappropriate places, including at school, where they get caught by Becky. SERIOUSLY, GUYS, HOW OLD ARE WE? Will and Emma have decided to reproduce and ultimately succeed in "making a baby" by the end of the episode. Are we really ready for ANOTHER Glee baby?

And Now Onto The More Exciting New York...

Rachel's recruited Elliot Starchild as her new gay-BFF since Kurt jumped ship to the S.S. Santana and has officially been labeled a traitor. The new BFFs sing a KILLER cover of "Barracuda" in one of NYADA's practice rooms — and so begins the episode of Adam Lambert. Meanwhile, Santana's asking Kurt to help attach her weave and coming up with a diabolical plan to steal Rachel's Funny Girl role by intimidating her until she's useless. So much for being best girlfriends, huh?

Later on, Rachel, Santana, and Adam Lambert (AGAIN, YAY) get up at sing a cover of "Gloria" at the diner. Santana's SO jealous that Rachel and Elliott are friends now, so after she tries to get him to help her rehearse in exchange for money, she asks him to decide whether she or Rachel is the best based on their performance. It's kind of a draw, but even though we love Santana, we can't deny that Rachel killed it. Naturally, Elliott and Kurt refuse to choose, which just pisses the girls off more. And then Elliot says he's out because this drama is ridiculous.

Kurt tries to get Santana and Rachel together to reconcile for the sake of the Pamela Lansburys but it doesn't work — so he kicks them out. And he's totally not sorry about it and he shouldn't be — because Dani, Elliot, and Kurt are a killer team, especially since they changed their name to "One Three Hill." YES. Which brings us to Adam Lambert's THIRD performance of the night, which he, of course, knocked out of the park. Seriously, everyone in NYC needs to worry that Adam Lambert will get a Glee spin-off show.

During the final New York scenes of the episode, Rachel and Santana kind of bond over the fact that neither of them have other friends that are girls in the city. Their kind of sweet, little moment is interrupted by One Three Hill but perhaps there's a reunion on the horizon for them? We hope so — they're so much more fun together.


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