Kylie Jenner Just Chopped Her Hair Off

You guys. Stop what you’re doing because Kylie Jenner just got a haircut. And no it’s not tucked up and into a wig somehow. There are scissors involved, and this seems to be the real deal.

Jenner debuted herself in the middle of the haircutting process on Snapchat. The style? A blunt bob. So, seems like that Met Gala hairstyle is finally going to become a more permanent look for her. Can you believe it?! Based on the videos, the cut seems to stop just under her chin. This isn’t the first time she’s chopped her hair this short, but it has been a minute since her last bobbed look. The last time she debuted the ‘do she was working a middle part, and this time around there’s some severe side part action going on. Like I said, Met Gala all over again!

She can definitely pull off an edgy blunt cut like this, but with the way she’s prone to putting in extensions or wearing wigs, who knows how long this short hair will be in sight. I’m surely going to enjoy it while it lasts, however, because when it comes to her hair — she does no wrong. She just doesn’t tend to keep it a certain way for an extended period of time. I love blonde Jenner, even though that girl is long gone! Take in the glory of her fresh cut for yourself.

There it goes!

She lets us get up close on the action.

Looking good from the side view.

Cutting it straight across in the back. Yep, it's official, folks. The blunt cut is back!

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Told you this was looking very Met Gala-esque.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Only this look is way more permanent (for now).

Guess she couldn't get enough of this length.

Who could blame her for it, either?

Images: kylizzlemynizzl/Snapchat (2)