Who Is 'The Bachelor's Renee Oteri Engaged To? 7 Facts About Her New Fiance — PHOTO

When we heard that Renee Oteri from this season of The Bachelor was engaged we were like, "Go her! Way to not get engaged to Juan Pablo!" but we also wondered what the deal was with this new guy. Bachelor fans have gotten to know Renee pretty well over the past nine or so weeks. We know that she needs a man who will get along with her 8-year-old son, Ben. We know that she gave good advice in the bachelorette house. We know that she looks vaguely like Lauren Conrad. Okay, so maybe we don't know her that well, but us members of Bachelor Nation have become pretty protective over everyone who came into contact with Juan Pablo's besitos. That's why, we've found out a few facts about Renee Oteri's fiancé and have given him the stamp of approval. (The stamp is shaped like a rose, naturally).

1. His name is Bracy

Yep. That's it. His name is Bracy.

2. He was Renee's first kiss.

Renee and Bracy were friends growing up and have known each other since they were 12. This is great news because that means they didn't just meet and get engaged immediately. Not that she's opposed to that. It's kind of the whole point of The Bachelor.

3. They dated in 2010.

According to an insider, the couple were in a long-distance relationship in 2010 when she lived in Massachusettes and he lived in Colorado.

4. He looks like this:

Renee posted the above photo on her Instagram with the caption, "My forever."

5. Bracy was in the military.

We don't know what branch or for how long. This guy is elusive!

6. They plan to live in Seattle.

Reportedly, Bracy asked Renee to marry him when they were looking for houses in Seattle. Also, she had a Twitter conversation with Desiree Hartsock about it, so it must be true.

7. He gave her a fancy shmancy ring.

According to Wetpaint, "the 14K white gold band has a quarter carat of smaller diamonds, and a center round brilliant cut diamond, giving it a total weight of about a carat-and-a-half." I'm guessing at least one of you out there knows what that means.

Congrats to Renee and Bracy! This is probably the best thing that can happen after getting kicked off The Bachelor. Instead of thinking, "I went on The Bachelor and that didn't even work," she can think, "Look! I didn't need that show after all." No offense to the other contestants. It's probably best that no one ends up engaged to Juan Pablo.

Images: ABC; Renee Oteri/Instagram