Britney Spears' New Song Is Pretty Steamy

What a year for female led pop. Beyoncé and Rihanna have been dropping hits right left and center, so no wonder Ms. Britney Spears wanted to get in on the action, in an infectious, shimmering summer song that she dropped on Friday. But what do Britney Spears' "Make Me" lyrics mean? To me, the song works as a catchy paen to obsessive romantic love, which is interesting timing since Britney Spears broke up with Charlie Ebersol in June (probably as part of the summer of celeb breakups, which is totally a thing, guys). Could we infer there's a new leading man on the scene? Maybe, maybe not. I'm not sure it matters. It manages to be both chill and danceable all at once, and that's really all we need right now.

The single, which features rapper G-Eazy, isn't the only work Spears has debuted recently. She also featured parts of another new song, "Private Show" in a commercial for her new fragrance, which shares its name with the song. But what is Spears telling us with her first single since "Pretty Girls," the song she collaborated on with Iggy Azalea last summer? Let's check it out — you can preview/buy the song here.

Verse One

Friday, I'm dreaming a mile a minute 'bout somebodyThis feeling, I wanna go with it, cause there's no wayWe're hiding away from this tonight, oh, this tonightCan tell you want meBy the way I see you starin' 'cross the room, babeNo shame in the gameJust cut the shit, be honestYeah, you know what you gotta do tonight, do tonight

I think we can all agree this is fairly clear. This is about being head over heels for someone, pure and simple. She can't stop thinking about someone and she can't stop thinking about how she can't stop thinking about it — and that's okay ("This feeling, I wanna go with it"). She's not playing hard to get and she doesn't want her "babe" to either. Stop playing. Ms Britney Spears does not have time for your mind games, so just tell her how you feel, okay?

Pre-Chorus One

I just want you to make me moveLike it ain't a choice for you, like you got a job to doJust want you to raise my roofSomething sensational (oh yeah)

Britney Spears is a grown woman and don't you forget it. This isn't 16-year-old Britney singing about having a crush and doodling some boy's name surrounded by hearts in her school notepad. She wants things to get physical, physical.


And make me oooh, oooh, oooh, ooohAnd make me oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh

Um. No comment.

Verse Two

No rules

From the bar to the car, let's take it back to my room

Igniting the heat of the moment; let the sparks fuse

Blowing up to the ceiling, we're burning bright

When we cross the line

Do you ever feel like maybe famous people have a better time in bed than us Muggles? Proof. Also while "bar" and "car" have a nice rhyme scheme, I'm hoping this means one of the couple has been sipping lemonades the whole night, because you should never drink and drive, not even for crazy-amazing-flame-igniting lovemaking. Fact.

Pre-Chorus Two

Cause you're the flame I can't do withoutThe fire comes in the sapphire sunThere's no way I'm gonna be fighting this tonight, this tonight

Ooh. This love/lust sounds as hot as summer itself. Britney's totally channeling that Game of Thrones moment where Cersei's like "I do what feels good." And honestly, given how hard Britney works, I feel like she could use some time to let loose.

Post Chorus (Britney Spears And G-Eazy)

Baby, cause you're the spark that won't go outMy heart's on fire when you're aroundMake me oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh(Yeah, Eazy)

OK. You get the drill by now. They're in some sort of saucy loved up beginning of a partnership and they're into each other both physically, mentally and... climactically? So. Much. Fire.

Verse Three (G-Eazy)

I don't care if it's a random person or the biggest starOut in Vegas or little barsReally not a difference if it's near or farListen, here we are; need youI've always wondered what was off limitsStaring at you til I'm caught in thisBack and forth like this was all tennisI'm all jealous, you came with someoneBut we could tell that there's changes comingSee I could tell that you're a dangerous womanThat means you're speaking my language, come onNow follow me, let's goLike Penelope in "Blow"Well worth the stealing you, it's a felony, yeah I knowThat's why they keep on telling me to let go, yeah

Ever wondered what it would be like to date Britney Spears? I guess there'd be a lot of reassuring her that you're into it not because she's a pop superstar but because you're really into her. That's what G-Eazy's doing here. Britney isn't compelling because she's a pop princess but because she's dangerous.

Bridge (G-Eazy)

But I need you and I can take youAll the way and I'm ableTo give you something sensational, so let's go, yeahSaid I need you and I can take youAll the way and I'm ableSo follow me and I can make you

This is like a grocery list of the qualities a pop superstar like Britney Spears needs in a perfect boyfriend — someone who's vulnerable enough to need her, accomplished enough to fulfill her erotic fantasies and bold enough to ask her to follow him.

In short, whether in her head or in reality, Britney Spears is leading her dream love life right now and it's intense. So buy the single on iTunes and join her for a voyage of catchily soundtracked erotic discovery.