How Much Does "Pokemon Go" Plus Cost? The Device Is More Affordable Than You Think

Players are loving “Pokemon Go,” but one of the game’s drawbacks is that you have to walk while looking at your phone — an annoying, and potentially dangerous, combination. There’s a wearable coming soon that might just solve the problem: “Pokemon Go” Plus. But how much does “Pokemon Go” Plus cost? The new Pokemon wearable device clocks in at $34.99. For dedicated players, that $35 may be a small price to pay to be able to play without constantly staring at a screen. Of course, it also helps that the game itself is free (though you can pay for extra Pokeballs, egg incubators, lucky eggs, etc.).

“Pokemon Go” Plus is a small device that looks like a Pokeball (Polygon has aptly described it as a " Pokéball mixed with a Google Maps pin .") You can wear either with a wrist strap (sort of like a Pokemon-only smartwatch) or clipped to your clothing. "Pokemon Go" Plus connects via Bluetooth to your phone, and, in general, it’s a simple device that doesn’t too much beyond light up and vibrate — but these functions could save a lot of time and missed opportunities for players. Here’s what it’ll do for you:

  • The device will vibrate and light up when there is a Pokestop close by. Heavy reports that there will be a way to collect Pokeballs, eggs, and other items with the device (rather than having to get out your phone), though how that will actually work remains to be seen.
  • “Pokemon Go” Plus will light up when there are Pokemon in the vicinity. You can press a button on the device to throw a Pokeball at a wandering Pokemon, and it’ll vibrate if you succeed in collecting it. This function will only work for Pokemon varieties that you’ve already collected; you’ll still have to get your phone out to play for new ones.

Although $34.99 doesn’t seem like too crazy a price if you’re obsessed with “Pokemon Go,” it may take some time (and extra money!) to get your hands on one. The release date for “Pokemon Go” Plus is still a bit fuzzy — GameStop lists the release date for the device as July 31, while Toys R Us lists July 30. Either way, acquiring the wearable won’t be easy; stores selling the “Pokemon Go” Plus for pre-order have already sold out. There are (of course) lots of sellers advertising pre-orders for sale on Ebay, but these are listed for many times the original cost of the device. Thus, it’s looking like getting a “Pokemon Go” Plus will require either a lot of patience, or some extra cash. If you’re in the waiting game, just keep having fun with your free phone version — but be careful to keep an eye on where you’re going.

Images: GameStop (3)