Valentino's Fall 2014 Collection Confirms that Romance is Back in Vogue

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We had a fun flirtation with 50 Shades of Grey-inspired fashion in 2013, but romantic, beautiful pieces are back in style this year, with Valentino's Fall 2014 collection leading the way. Chiffon, embroidery, and flowers galore were at play against a palette of red, pink, and green for an altogether exquisite collection. Don't expect to find any banal basics here; the collection had its head in the clouds, and the effect was nothing less than bewitching.

We're not suggesting you abandon all your bodycon dresses and over-the-knee boots in favor of a wardrobe consisting of solely blossoms and flowy fabrics; they certainly have their own sultry allure. But Valentino's collection reminds us that romantic pieces can be just as irresistible, from a flirty lace dress to a sheer gown with a hint of provocative appeal. Whether or not you're lucky in love, here's a collection will keep you sartorially spellbound.

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