What Does It Take To Be An Elite Gymnast? — VIDEO

While the Olympic Games feature an amazing array of events, there's nothing that captivates quite like gymnastics. Maybe it's because you did a little tumbling as a kid, or maybe it's because you still have your "Magnificent Seven" poster from 1996. (Not judging.) Most likely, what grabs your attention are feats like, er, landing a twisting backflip on a four-inch beam. But no matter how you're drawn into the world of gymnastics, you've probably wondered: what is it actually like to train like an elite gymnast?

In partnership with Jif®, we headed to the Meadowlands Gymnastics Academy, a cavernous space where you can swing, tumble, and bounce to your heart's content. Hailey Stockbrugger, a professional dancer who lives in NYC, agreed to pursue all of our childhood dreams — though for her, it was a little more personal. As a kid, she trained seriously as a gymnast but was forced to give it up once she pursued dance more seriously. (Needless to say: even while falling, she did so very gracefully.)

She worked with Victor Nicosia, an elite gymnast and coach, to figure out if she really had what it took to be an elite gymnast. Want to see how she did? Watch the video here:

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