Did Connie Britton & Kyle Chandler Ever Date? That Question (and 8 More!) Answered About Your Favorite Actress

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As we all know, Hollywood tends to ignore female stars once they've reached middle age, relegating them to "mom of" roles or giving their parts away to actresses twenty years younger. If you're Nashville 's Connie Britton, though, who celebrates her 47th birthday on March 6, none of that applies. The older you get, the better your roles are — and the whole thing about women looking worse as they age? One look at that hair disproves that theory in seconds.

Strangely, though, despite Britton's most famous character being something of a TV icon, most fans know little about the actress herself. In honor of her birthday, here are 9 amazing facts you might not have known about Connie Britton.

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