9 Scent-Free Hairsprays For Fragrance Allergies

by Alexa Dragoumis
woman using hairspray
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The struggle is real. As someone with extremely sensitive skin, I know first hand that finding scent-free hair products can be a challenge. So, if you're currently searching for the perfect fragrance-free hairspray, you're in luck.

If you're anything like me, even looking at a bottle of perfume gives you instant eczema. Aside from the fact that I can only shop at Whole Foods for "natural" perfumes, I've noticed that finding shampoos, conditioners, and other hair styling products that are fragrance-free sometimes feels nearly impossible. Even the drugstore brands that claim to be "for sensitive skin" aren't always fragrance-free.

But rest assured, there are plenty of scent-free options on the market. With this handy list, you'll never again have to choose between great hair and great skin.

Ready to say goodbye to that itchy scalp? Buts out your wallets, ladies!

1. Free and Clear Firm Hold Hairspray

Free and Clear Firm Hold Hairspray, $11, Jet

I'm still thankful for the lady at Walmart who mentioned this amazing brand to me, because before then, I had a chronic case of eczema behind my ears. Aside from hairspray, this brand offers shampoos and conditioners too. They're also sulfate-free, which means it's safe to use on color-treated hair.

2. Salon Grafix Super Hold Hairspray

Salon Grafix Super Hold Hairspray, $7, Jet

While I can't speak from personal experience about this one, I will say that I was impressed by the near five star reviews and low price.

3. L'Oreal Elnett Unscented Hairspray

L'Oreal Elnett Unscented Hairspray, $15, Ulta

Even fashion and beauty icon Olivia Palermo calls her Elnett hairspray a "beauty gem". And from personal experience, I know that it happens to have amazing hold and leave behind very little sticky residue. Try it!

4. Carina Organics Unscented Hairspray

Carina Organics Unscented Hairspray, $10, Carina Organics

"These products are so good, they don't need embellishment" says Maggie, a Carina Organics reviewer.

5. VO5 Unscented Hairspray

VO5 Unscented Hairspray, $4, Walgreens

This product claims to have 14-hour holding power, is unscented, and is highly rated by customers. Plus, it's under $5, so what do you have to lose?

6. Final Net Unscented Hairspray

Final Net Unscented Hairspray, $4, Walgreens

This list keeps getting less and less expensive. Budget babes, unite!

7. Final Rain Extra Hold Unscented

White Rain Extra Hold Unscented, $2, Walmart

Available only in stores, white rain is another unscented option.

8. Aqua Net Unscented Hairspray

Aqua Ner Unscented Hairspray, $3, Walgreens

Unless you go to the dollar store, you can't get a better price than this one!

9. Condition 3-in-1 Unscented Hairspray

Condition 3-in-1 Unscented Hairspray, $3, Walgreens

After reading about this product, I can't wait to try it. With SPF protection, this hairspray protects, conditions, and holds your style all at once.

Images: IndiaPix/IndiaPicture/IndiaPicture/Getty Images; Courtesy of brands