#LiesToldByFemales: The 10 Best and Worst Tweets from Today's Misogynist Trending Topics

According to a bunch of dudes (and ladies!) on Twitter, women are a bunch of pretty little liars. #LiesToldByFemales, a hashtag that’s been trending on Twitter for a few hours now, hopes to shed some light on all those horrible lies that us “females” have been telling for years.

I hate to break it to the bros that started this hashtag, but it’s kind of inherently sexist to call grown-ass women “females.” In his blog at QuiteIrregular, academic and writer Jem Bloomfield breaks down why:

“It’s disrespectful (and may, of course, be inaccurate, since not all people who identify as women are female.) It may not be intended as such, but calling women “females” is substituting an adjective for a noun. Female what? It turns a person into an attribute, their individual self replaced by a general category. If that sounds like I’m reading too much into grammar, consider how careful we are not to do to this other groups of people whose members include women. You don’t hear most people talking about “a Chinese”, or “a black”, or “a disabled”. Or if you do, you can guess the views of the person using those terms towards the people they’re talking about. They don’t see them as individuals worthy of consideration.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Aside from the sexist nature of the hashtag, it’s still really, really popular on Twitter. Some of the tweets are expectedly misogynist and gross, others are hysterical comebacks from women (and men) who are tired of these obnoxious sexist tropes. Check out my favorites:

The Gross:

*Yawn* The Stereotypical (And Boring)

The Hilarious:

If you're feeling brave, go add your own feminists thoughts to #LiesToldByFemales and let those dudes know what's up.