Here's Where To Buy Foreo's SE Facial Cleanser

by Kali Borovic

Need a sign to start investing in better skincare items? Well, this is it. Foreo, a company that has completely changed the facial cleansing game, launched the Luna Mini 2 Save The Sea Edition. Not only does the tool give you a better face wash, but it actually helps save the planet at the same time. Where can you buy the adorable tool? You've got a few options.

If you haven't switched to a facial cleansing system yet, I highly recommend it. When I stopped using my fingers to wash my face and started using a face tool, my skin looked better than it ever had. Now you can try it out while saving ocean life all at the same time. Foreo's Luna Mini 2 Save The Sea Edition looks exactly the same as their other travel sized cleansers, but there's one big difference. All net proceeds go towards charity.

That's right, people! The entire $139 that you pay for this on-the-go-tool will go towards two different charities. The first is Greenwave, a group that creates and protects ocean farming, and the other is Sea Life Trust, which is dedicated to ocean conservation. Hence the tiny sea turtles on the bright blue tool.

Your have plenty of options for shopping too. If you're looking to get your hands on the product, you can head to the Foreo site, Sephora, or Barneys New York.

Luna Mini 2 Save The Sea Special Edition, $139,

The company also has the Luna Play, a night, and a day cleanser package for $39. The only difference is that the device is not rechargeable and it won't last forever.

Help make the world a better place and get better skin? Sounds like a win-win to me!

Image: Foreo/Instagram (1),