Kris Jenner Sounds Off On The Kristen Lip Kit

When this gal creates lippies, they’re amazing. There's no denying it. And I’d imagine that having one named after you makes a shade launch even more exciting. Kris Jenner's reaction to the “Kristen” shade, which was named after her, couldn’t be more sweet.

She took to Twitter to write about how incredible the lip color is. “Wow I’m seriously obsessed with this color,” she writes. And I can’t say I blame her one little bit. The new Kristen lip kit is what Kylie Jenner dubbed a “strawberry matte,” and it couldn’t be more fitting for the summer season. It’s bright and appears to be a mix of coral and deep pink hues. So, like I said, pretty amazing for wearing to the beach, pairing with sundresses and everything that goes along with this warm weather.

This isn’t the first time the youngest Jenner has named a shade after a family member, but this is the first she’s made to honor her mom. It’s a fun, yet sophisticated color for such a classy lady. I’d really say she nailed it with this tribute because the color really seems to embody Kris Jenner’s personality, at least the part I know of it from all of my KUWTK watching. She and her mom have very similar styles at times, so it’s no wonder she understood what it would take to create the perfect lipstick shade to embody this special lady in her life.

Apparently, she wasn't involved in the making of this lippie. It's as much of a surprise to her as it was to the rest of us.

And of course, she loves it.

It'd be hard not to fall in love with a lipstick this good, you know? Especially when it was made with you in mind! Seriously, can you imagine?!

If I were her, I'd never want to take this brightly-colored lippie off. Heck, it's not even named after me, and I still want to wear it everywhere!

1. Twinning

David Buchan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These ladies sometimes have such similar styles that they might as well be twins, you know?

2. Style Inspo

Jenner's a huge inspiration to her daughter when it comes to style and so much more, I'm sure.

3. Bring Your Mom To Work Day

Kris Jenner's a big supporter of Kylie Cosmetics.

And they couldn't be more adorable in their matching lab coats.

4. Kris Pride

You know you love your mom when you're willing to wear her face on your shirt.

5. Red Carpet Fashion

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kris Jenner stunned in her sparkly black gown at the Met Gala.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner rocked a very similar version of her mom's dress. They both killed it in their blinged out looks.

6. Complementary Colors

They're each other's perfect match.

7. Selfie Game Strong

Clearly, Jenner got her selfie game from her mom. Just look at Kris' fierce pose.

Yep, she just gets her mom, and the Kristen shade has made that official.