19 Weird Trends From Season 1 Of 'Gossip Girl'

by Hatti Rex

Do you ever revisit your favorite shows only to realize how much has changed since they aired? While on a recent Netflix binge, I came to discover exactly how different fashion in the first season of Gossip Girl was compared to the mom jeans and strappy dresses in my wardrobe today.

Obviously these Upper East Siders were going to be dressed head to toe in the latest trends with no expense spared, but I'd personally be very interested in seeing what the looks would be like if the show was remade today. The strange and wonderful array of 2007 apparel was kind of what made watching my third time around a little more fun. In every episode, there would be at least one accessory that would make me want to send my own tip to Gossip Girl, being all, "WTF?"

Each character had their own spin on the show's signature look: Blair wore a lot of collared dresses and headbands, her love nemesis Chuck rocked a lot of clashing patterns, and Jenny's hair got blonder and blonder while her eyeliner use got more and more excessive as time went on.

Although most outfits in the series were pretty outrageous, these are the main things that stuck out to me as I re-watched my favorite guilty pleasure. Without further adieu, here are 19 bizarre trends from Season 1.

1. Belts Over Everything

Over a cardigan? Unnecessary.

But over a coat? Gag.

Dress. Ruined.

2. The Thickest Belts I've Ever Seen

At this point, it's basically a corset.

3. Popped Collars

Because nothing screams "cool dude" like a popped collar. The higher the collar, the closer to God.

Actually, if we spin this shot the other way around...

Dan, where on earth did you get that jacket?

4. Bobbles

Was that a wooly UFO on her head?

5. Statement Necklaces

I'm not sure what the message here was supposed to be, though.

6. Neckwear In General

Whether it was a gaudy neckerchief or a huge scarf, you'd see it all in this show.

7. Tuxedo Dresses

Was Blair trying to be smart or casual? I don't understand. She just looks like a penguin.

8. Ridiculous Sporting Accessories

They are just not functional.

9. Chuck's Equally Garish Sportswear

I reckon his sporting tactic was to distract the opposition while he went in for the shot.

10. Every Single One Of Eleanor Waldorf's Designs

They were probably made a lot worse due to — you guessed it — unnecessary belts.

11. All The Many Non-Regulation Uniforms

Surely the point of getting students to wear uniforms is so that they all look the same. I'm pretty sure a PVC jacket should've landed this one a detention.

12. Fake Pearls

So many. So fake.

13. Matching Ensembles

Sequin berets that matched your gloves? Check. Horrendously patterned coats? Check. Wearing nearly the exact same outfit as your bestie? Check. This wasn't just a one off, either.

Honestly, this pair were potentially the biggest fashion faux-pas culprits throughout the entire show.

14. Argyle Patterned Jumpers

I feel like I'm being brainwashed into a golfing cult.

15. Pretty Much Anything Chuck Bass Wore, Actually

While we're on the subject, I never understood my peers' fascination with Chuck Bass. Has everyone literally forgotten that he tried to sexually assault Jenny in the pilot episode? He should've spent the rest of the season in jail so we wouldn't have had to look at his awful ensembles, IMO.

16. DIY Arm Sling

Was it genius or abhorrent? I really can't tell. The dress on the left is making me feel too ill to make a decision.

17. Ugly Shirts

But if you say anything about them, Rufus will cut you. Nice sleeves, Little J.

18. Long Sleeves Under Short Jackets

Not feeling it. And the infamous over-the-coat belt strikes again.

Still no. Check out all those collars and overwhelming textures, too. Ick.

19. And, Of Course, The Many Headbands

So, so many.

It'd be interesting to see how other teen television series' fashion decisions have aged since their initial release. It's crazy to think how, at the time, this was pretty much the height of fashion. No wonder going through my Facebook profile pictures is a scary ride of styling disasters.

Images: The CW