Watch 'Parks and Rec's Ron Swanson Show A Baby The Wonders Of Pawnee City Hall

Ron Swanson is a legend. His wholehearted love of breakfast meats, his guarded BFF comraderie with Leslie Knope, that mustache, the ex-wives, the pyramid of greatness, Duke Silver. It's all great. And now Ron Swanson's a dad! You can witness a deleted bit of the greatness of that particular fact in this clip from Parks and Recreaction 's Thursday episode, "The Wall."

This clip find Ron looking for a good place to take his baby. He picks, of all places, the Pawnee City Hall third floor. We already knew about the first floor (which contains the Parks office and many others), the second (that mural Leslie and Ben love), and the fourth (hellmouth), but the third is apparently "silent, empty, and completely free of government work." In other words, it's Ron Swanson's paradise, if only it had a little more material for woodworking.

Here's the synopsis for this week's episode:

I'm gonna go ahead and assume the surprise is his baby?

Image: NBC