Kim K Just Wore Some Rad Boots, Or Maybe Jeans

by Gina Jones 2

If you're anything like me, you likely have a systematic approach to checking through your apps each morning: Mine is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, then Snapchat. Today, however, Snapchat left me with a very worrying question: Was Kim Kardashian wearing jeans or boots at Revolve Hamptons? I don't ask in a snide, "What even is that?" kind of manner. Rather, my question is, "What actually is that?"

I'm talking about Kardashian's lower half, which, on Snapchat, was seemingly clad in denim from toe to top of thigh. Both The Daily Mail and Footwear News reported that the garment in question was a pair of Yeezy thigh-high denim boots. Whether they had been jeans or boots, all I want to know is where I can get a pair. While partying with bestie Jonathan Cheban on Jul. 16, the reality star and beauty mogul looked whimsically divine in what might just be a fashion trend in the making.

Wearing a beige, turtleneck dress and those thigh-high denim boots, the star's footwear was seemingly designed by husband Kanye West. They weren't exactly weather-appropriate clothing, given the heat in New York state right now. But beauty is pain, am I right? The final product was no doubt worth it.

Although it's incredibly obvious from Kardashian's Instagram that these are boots, not jeans, I'm sure there are many more people like me who watched Kim K's Snapchat story in a daze this morning and were left confused.

I mean, look at these pictures and tell me you immediately clocked those Yeezy thigh-high boots for what they were. Doubtful, I bet.

The not-so-mini-dress covered the top of the boots when Kardashian was sitting down, making them easily pass for a pair of jeans.

It was upon this sped-up video of Kardashian that I noticed the "jeans" went all the way down to form a heel, including an open toe, and my mind was blown. The look is essentially a pants-shoe onesie, but high fashion.

Chances are there's no way I will ever own a pair of shoes as incredibly cool as these denim Yeezy ones, but I can marvel at them nonetheless. Three months from now, this style might just be everywhere.