29 Pokemon Tattoos For Folks Who Want To Catch Them All — PHOTOS

With the release of Pokémon Go, it seems as though the early 2000s have come back full force. All over the country, Millennials are going crazy for this new game, and it's safe to say that the phenomenon is here to stay. That means a Pokémon tattoo might just be the newest hot trend to hit the world of ink. After all, most of the internet is currently plastered with Pokémon Go news, jokes, and memes, so why can't your body contain the same?

When Pokémon Go was first released, I thought, "Wow, this is a pretty cool game," but I didn't think much else of it. Fast forward five hours, and all my friends were checking their phones at the dinner table, making excuses to head to the bathroom, and rushing through their meals to find more Pokémon outside. But hey, I don't blame them. It's all exhilarating AF.

The past few weeks, my timelines on Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat have similarly flooded with Pokémon references. There have also surfaced articles weighing the pros and cons of the game — one con being that people have actually gotten into accidents from trying to catch one.

On the flip side, however, Pokémon Go has some pretty amazing health benefits, like allowing folks to spend more time outside. Clearly, this is one of the biggest forms of entertainment to sweep through popular culture in a while. If you're a super fan, these pieces of ink will definitely make you want to call up your artist for an appointment.

1. Magikarp

Those water drops, though.

2. Ponyta

Little cutie!

3. Sylveon

While laughing, too!

4. Pikachu

I love the style of this one.

5. Pikachu Pt. 2

Those cheeks!

6. Bright & Bold

Both so dope.

7. All Smiles

OK, it's not fair how cute this one is.

8. Mewtwo

That look of intimidation is on point.

9. The Inspirational Quote

The best message ever.

10. The Foot Piece

The balloons complete this one, IMO.

11. Gyarados

I adore how bold this is.

12. Flareon

What a cute little one!

13. Xerneas

The detail on this one is amazing.

14. Squirtle

With some cool shades on? Oh, yes.

15. The Classic

You can't go wrong with this gem.

16. Cubone

Don't you just love the placement of this one?

17. Three's Company

Why have one when you can have three?

18. Haunter

Shading is on fleek.

19. Eeveelutions

So, so cool.

20. Squirtle Dancing

I really can't get over how precious Squirtle is.

21. Charizard

In three phases.

22. Umbreon & Lunatone

The stipling on this one is so dope.

23. Cuteness Overload

I can hardly take it.

24. Psyduck

Confused as ever.

25. Jigglypuff Ice Cream

This is the best of both worlds.

26. Bilbasaur

Looking so young and excited.

27. Jigglypuff

These eyes are to die for!

28. Torchic

I could die from the cuteness.

29. Pikachu With Great Hair

What shampoo do you use, Pika?!

Want to take your Pokémon fan status to the next level? Get some seriously cool and cute ink. While I'm not the biggest fan in the universe, these definitely give me some inspiration.

Images: Pixabay