Marco Is Much More Than A Love Interest On 'PLL'

The Rosewood Police Department isn’t exactly known for being a crackerjack team of investigators. Between Detective Wilden, Officer Garret Reynolds, and Toby trying to apprehend A while high on gummy bears, most of the cops of Pretty Little Liars couldn’t solve a real crime if the perpetrator walked into the police station and handcuffed themselves to the desk. But there’s a new sheriff in town, and depending on exactly who Marco Furey is on Pretty Little Liars, he just might throw a big wrench into the Liars' cover-up.

If I'm being honest, no handsome man on Pretty Little Liars should ever be trusted. We first met Marco at the bar of The Radley, where Spencer was drowning her sorrows and developing an alibi for the artist formerly known as Elliott Rollins’ murder. She and Marco had drinks, flirted, and then hooked up in the elevator until Spencer called the whole thing off and ran away. However, this character is not just a random hook-up or love interest. When actor Nicholas Gonzalez was cast in the role, I. Marlene King revealed a lot about Marco to Entertainment Weekly, including the fact that he is a detective and will actually serve as Toby's boss.

And while other Rosewood cops have been easy opponents for the Liars, King warned EW that the same cannot be said of Marco. "I told [Nicholas] that Mona and Spencer are probably the smartest of all the Pretty Little Liars, and he is their equal," she told the magazine. "He is the first cop that’s come to town who could compete intellectually with those two characters." She also revealed that he doesn't have history with Rosewood, so he doesn’t really know about all of the things the Liars have gone through and is coming to town with "an open mind and sort of fresh take on things." While this seems good for the Liars now, if he starts investigating Charlotte’s murder (which is presumably what he is there to do) he will certainly unearth some intense history. Based on what we know so far about this character, here's how things might go for Marco as PLL Season 7 unfolds.

Marco & Spencer Become Something Real

Marco and Spencer had immediate chemistry, and now that Caleb has bailed, maybe Spencer is looking for a rebound to make her forget about her lost love. If things get serious between Marco and Spencer, that would be two conflicted cops involved with Spencer in the Rosewood Police Department. That would probably complicate Marco's job, but would also give the Liars another ally in the police department.

Marco Pulls A Wilden & Investigates Everyone

Remember how Detective Wilden was just like, always around? He was at school dances when he was like 35 years old? Wilden took policing in Rosewood to a new level, and Marco could really do the same. Maybe he already had an idea of who Spencer was and decided to hook up with her to get close to her in an attempt to get some information. After six seasons, I’m not surprised by anything these Rosewood cops do.

Marco Solves Charlotte’s Murder & The Liars Are Innocent

I know that a perfect Pretty Little Liars wrap-up doesn’t happen that often (or ever, really), but Marco is apparently a decent cop. Maybe he’ll, you know, do his job, and it will be revealed that the Liars have been innocent the whole time and some scary outside source was the one who killed Charlotte. I don’t care who, just so long as it’s not one of the Liars or Mona.

Of course, as much as I'd like to see Marco pop in and save the day on Pretty Little Liars, with the history of the Rosewood Police Department and the circumstances of his introduction, I’m not exactly holding my breath.

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